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Our unique pricing structure is designed to save you as much money

as possible all while we help you make more.

Saving You Money

Booking Automation has completely reworked the pricing of our product and has created a unique pricing structure designed to save you money.

You will only have to pay a flat fee per listing which starts at $4.95 instead of a percentage of your listing price.

Competitor Commissions


Commission pricing structure is designed to draw as much money out of your listing as possible. Instead of just having $4.95 per listing, commission pricing can cost you $90 – 120 per listing.


Save money while using the best product out there.


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Unique Pricing

BookingAutomation’s pricing structure is completely exclusive to our product. No other service like BookingAutomation can save you as much money as our pricing structure.

Get the most powerful Channel Manager and Property Management System in the world with the ability to sync to 50+ OTA’s including and Homeaway all for the best price possible.

Are you doing too much manual work after every booking?