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Agoda Pay
This page is about the menu {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) PAYMENTS > PAYMENT GATEWAYS > AGODAPAY
Now in beta testing. Contact us if you are interested in this payment option

Agoda offers their customers the use of a payment engine to collect credit card payments for.

Sign up

Send us a support ticket with your Agoda hotel ID.

If you do not yet have an Agoda hotel ID you can register here:

We will forward your request to Agoda. Agoda will then:

  • send you an e-contract to sign.
  • confirm your bank account details.
  • sets your property up internally for pay-in’s and pay-outs.
  • send your client ID, api key and public key.


You need:

  • Agoda Pay client ID
  • Agoda Pay API key
  • Agoda Pay public key

Enter these into the settings in BookingAutomation and change the setting for "Enable".

Then press SAVE.


Collect deposit for direct bookings at time of the booking

Use this instruction to set up deposit collection from your booking page.

Send payment request

Use this instruction to create payment requests.

Coming Soon: Send credit card details to Agoda Pay

Save all cards to Agoda Pay.

Coming Soon: Automatic payment collection

Coming Soon: Collect payment manually

Coming Soon: Auto Charge Virtual Cards from OTAs

Error when charging and Expedia Virtual Cards

  • Missing CVC: and Expedia do not always send a CVC for virtual cards. Ask the channel to povide a CVC for the virtual card and manually reenter it. For Expedia virtual cards you can try to add the generic CVC codes:
    • Visa/Mastercard: 469
    • American Express: 2469
  • Incorrect amount: Double-check you charge the exact amount sent by the channel from the booking.

Refund of Payments in Agoda Pay

Payments can be manually refunded from within the Agoda Pay account. You will also need to enter them manually into the booking.


By using Agoda Pay you agree to Agodas Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy which are:

Agoda Terms and Conditions

For the payment transactions from the hotes website and/or mobile applications handled and processed by Agoda Company Pte. Ltd. , Agoda will assist the hotel with customer support for issues related to payments such as dispute management, refunds, cancellations and returns if applicable. Except to the extent that the applicable laws and regulations of your jurisdiction mandate otherwise, this hotels transaction and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this hotel transaction will be governed by the law of the hotels governing law jurisdiction.”

Agoda Privacy Policy

For the payment transactions from the hotels website and/or mobile applications handled and processed by Agoda Company Pte. Ltd., Agoda will assist the hotel in adherence to this Privacy Policy.

Troubleshooting and Issues