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This page is about the menu SETTINGS -> APPS & INTEGRATIONS -> ARRIVALS

This page explains how to connect to a system which has set up a connection to BookingAutomation via the BookingAutomation Arrivals API.

For BookingAutomation the normal channel manager fees apply.


The Arrivals integration allows external services to access data about your upcoming arrivals. Typical services which can use this data are door lock systems, concierge systems and systems which require access to guest data before or during their stay.

BookingAutomation will send booking data to the integration partner.

The integration partner can send info codes back to BookingAutomation to be stored with individual bookings.

Set Up


  • Copy the "Access Key"
  • Set how many days before check-in the bookings should be sent. 0 will only send bookings with check-in today only. 1 will send bookings with check-in today and tomorrow.
  • Set if you want to include personal data in in the data transfer.
  • Tick "Enable".

Integration partner

  • Forward the "Access key" of each property you wish to connect to the integration partner

For further instructions contact the integration partners support.

Common Problems


Untick "Enable" to disconnect the room and stop sending it's bookings.


If you want to develop a connection to the Arrivals API and use this integration, please see here BookingAutomation Arrivals API.