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Synchronising with Atraveo 



  • can export Inventory
  • can export Rates
  • can import Bookings

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  • BookingAutomation can only send prices for the availability request. The costs for the booking is calculated by the prices set in Atraveo. You will need to enter these prices in the Atraveo extranet.
  • All data transfers are initiated by Atraveo, we have no influence over how often they update their calendar.
  • Booking cancellations or modifications cannot be imported


Atraveo calls rented units properties. "Properties" in Atraveo connect to "Rooms" in BookingAutomation.

You need your "Your own property ID of the holiday accommodation" for each property you want to connect You can find it when you go "My Properties" and then click on the property in the "Description" tag.

If this field is empty we recommend setting to the BookingAutomation room id number this property will connect to.

Atraveo.png view large

Set Interface URL's

1. Go to the menu Interfaces -> Availability Interface (or "Vacancy interface") and enter the inventory URL supplied by the BookingAutomation channel manager settings.

Atraveo 2.png view large

2. Go to the menu Interfaces -> Booking Interface and enter the booking URL supplied by the BookingAutomation channel manager settings.

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Multiple properties in one Atraveo account

If you have multiple properties at Atraveo you need to change the URL's slightly.

Replace the propid in the URL with your ownerid. Example:

You can find your owner ID number in SETTINGS->ACCOUNT.

Note: Atraveo checks the link only for the first property. If the first property in your Atraveo account is not set up and connected to BookingAutomation you will see an error message that the link is not compatible.

For the Room Code setting enter the value from the Atraveo "Your internal property number:" setting (normally your BookingAutomation room id number)

Select the required functions using the check boxes and save.



  • Unticking "Inventory" and "Prices" and "Bookings" will stop the synchronisation for a room.
  • Log into your Atraveo extranet and delete the BookingAutomation URL.