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This page is about the menu  {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS)  PAYMENTS > PAYMENT GATEWAYS > AUTHORIZE.NET

To use this payment option you will need an account with the payment provider.

Register here for an Authorize.Net account.

Set up

  • Enter the providers credentials in the respective fields.
  • Change the setting for "Enable".

If you allow more than one payment option the number sets the order in which the payment option will be shown on your booking page. If you allow only one payment option you can use any number for activation.

Collect deposit for direct bookings at time of the booking

Use this instruction to set up deposit collection from your booking page.

Send payment request

Use this instruction to create payment requests.

What we send

We send the following to Authorize.Net which you should find in your Authorize.Net account:

1) invoice number: this is the BookingAutomation booking number

2) description: this is the property name and the booking number.

Notes can generate an error if used in conjunction with a booking redirect url on booking completion.