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Synchronising with or



  • can export Inventory
  • can export Rates
  • can export Minimum Stay
  • can import Bookings

For details please click here


  • "Extra Person" prices cannot be exported.
  • Prices can only be exported for one year in advance.

You need

Your API key. See this information for details

If you can not find it please ask support.

  • Enter your Api Key
  • Click SAVE
  • Click the "Get the Room and Rate Codes for this Api Key" link to retrieve your room and property codes.
  • Enter the codes for your property and each room
  • Activate the connection with the check boxes

Common Errors

Availability for room must be 0 or 1
The quantity for this room must be set to 1 in the system. Check wich if you can raise the number to the number of rooms you actually have.
Can't set dates 0000-000-00 as available for room xxxx, conflicts with a booking for hotel id xxxx
Updates sent are rejected because of a conflicting booking which is already in the system. Most likely this is a due to a manual entry into To fix this remove the manual entry.