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This page is about BILLING
  • see the monthly charges for the current setup of your account
  • pay for your account
  • generate and download your invoice after you have made a payment.

With BookingAutomation you only pay for the service you use. Charges are for access to the system and software. It is a requirement for using the system is that your account stays in positive credit. We ask customers in the EU to provide us with their valid VAT Number. For customers based in the EU who do not provide us with their valid VAT number and customers based in Canada their local GST/HST will be added.

The fee is calculated based on your current setup. If you change your setup or incur extra charges your credit will be used accordingly.

If you choose Paypal and want to make a payment in another currency this will be converted at the displayed rate and then applied to your account.

All payments to us are non-refundable and non-transferable and can only be used for our services.

We accept payment by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. You decide how much you would like to pay but small payments incur a processing charge.

Our credit card gateway does not support all card types. If your card shows as "Invalid" you set up an 'Auto Payment' if you remove the card number after the payment went through the card will charged only once. Alternatively you can pay by credit card using Paypal. Paypal supports a wider range of cards.

Automated Payments

You can set up automated payments. We will then automatically credit your card if the balance falls below the threshold with the amount of your choice (plus VAT if applicable). You decide how much you would like to pay but small payments incur a processing charge.

Common Problems

Payments in other currencies than Euro
With Paypal you can pay in any major currency. You can choose to pay though your Paypal account or with credit card.
This message tells you that you have not done the last security step required by your bank. Every bank does it a different way. 
Sometimes it is a TAN, sometimes a second password.