Booking Page or Widget for Individual Room

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This page explains how to create a booking page for an individual room

You can create a booking page for an individual room by changing the property id in the URL to a room id.

Go to SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES -> ROOMS, open the room then copy the room id. Then:


propid=2035 is the id for your property

roomid=3561 is the id for the room you want to make a booking page for.


You can use the same method to create a booking widget for a room. Search the code for propid and change to roomid search for the propid number and exchange for the roomid number.

If you use the widget designer to create a widget you have the option to select an individual room in the designer.

In Wordpress

If you are using Wordpress you can set the propid or roomid in the short code to define which booking page the widget opens.


[bookingautomation-box roomid="3561"]

creates a booking box for room 3561. For more information please also see the instructions in the plugin. To access them go to SETTINGS in your Wordpress backend then click on BookingAutomation and go to "Booking Widgets".