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Breezeway provides a Property Operations & Services Platform, automated task scheduling & property care programs.

The connection is maintained by Breezeway.

To use the connection you need to allow API access.

Step 1. Allow API access

  • Go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) ACCOUNT > ACCOUNT ACCESS.
  • Enter enter a Breezeway-generated 32 character API key into the API Key field.
  • Set 'API Key Access' = 'allow whitelist IP only'.
  • SEt 'IP Whitelist' =
  • Set 'Allow Writes' = Yes
  • Set Property Access = 'Owned or linked to this account'
  • SAVE.

Step 2. Set your property keys

  • Go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) PROPERTIES > ACCESS.
  • Add a 'propKey' your propKey should be 16 characters or longer and unique (you can not use the same key more than once).
  • SAVE
  • Repeat for each property you want to connect.

For further instructions please contact Breezeway support.