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This page is about the menu GUESTS

The guests menu combines bookings by the same guest and allows you to save information about the guest and view their previous bookings. The search field can be used to search guests by booking reference, name, Email address or any other information saved about them.

Whenever there is a new booking from an Email address which has not booked before the system automatically creates a new guest. If you do not want to automatically create entries for the guest database you can set this in SETTINGS->ACCOUNT->PREFERENCES.

If a new booking has the same Email address as a previous booking the system will combine the bookings as the same guest.

Manual changes of Email addresses in bookings do not automatically move bookings.

  • To add a booking populated with the guests details click on the suitcase icon
  • To view guests details click on the guest then go to the "About" tab
  • To view and edit a guests bookings click on the guest then go to the "Bookings" tab the click on the booking you want to view or edit
  • To export or print click on the buttons on the top right of the guests table

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  • To edit guests details, add a note or a flag click on the guest icon

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  • To delete a guest tick them then scroll to the end of the page select "Delete" and click "Go"
  • To link guests to combine them into one, tick them then scroll to the end of the page select "Link" and click "Go"
  • To unlink previously combined guests to restore combined guests into separate entries click on the guest then tick the booking(s) you want to unlink and click "unlink"

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  • To restore a deleted guest go to BOOKINGS search and open the booking(s), go to the "Details" tab and set "Guest Database"=yes
  • To manually add a booking for a guest who previously stayed use the "Search" field in the booking.


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