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This page is about the menu SETTINGS->GUEST MANAGEMENT->INVOICING 

Invoices can be generated from the "Invoice" tab of the booking.

Invoice Content

Invoice Description

The "Invoice Description" will be included on guest invoices you create. HTML commands can be used to add style and format to your message. Template Variables can be used to personalise the invoice.

This help page offers further instructions.

If you want to make custom additions to invoices you can set up an internal custom question in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) > PROPERTIES > BOOKING QUESTIONS which you add to the invoice via a Template_Variables#Template_Variables#Content_from_.22Details.22_tab

Invoice Charges

Items defined as "Invoice charges" will appear in a selector list on the booking invoice for easily adding a pre-set charge to a booking. These are internal invoice items which can be added from the control panel, they do not show on the booking page. After they have been set up they are available under "Charges" in a drop-down list in the "Invoice and Charges" tab of the booking.

Template Variables can be used to display invoice charges in invoices, booking templates or Email templates.

Invoice Number

To assign a unique consecutive invoice number open the booking and click on "Assign Invoice Number" in the "Invoice" tab of the booking. Invoice numbers are generated per account or sub account. If you have multiple properties or a group of properties and need invoice numbers for each property you can use sub accounts. The default number is 1. A different "Next Invoice Number" can be set in SETTINGS->ACCOUNT->PREFERENCES.

Under REPORTS-CUSTOM REPORTS you can create individual reports. If you add the "Assign Invoice Number" column, you will have buttons which you can click to perform this action.

If you want to automatically assign invoice numbers you can set up an Auto Action in SETTINGS-GUEST MANAGEMENT-AUTO ACTIONS.

Search for Invoice Number

  • You can use the Standard Report 'Invoice Numbers' to show a list of invoices. Now you can make a browser search for the invoice number.
  • You can create a Custom Report at REPORTS > Custom Report.
    Select the dates. (Ensure you select dates far enough in the past so you will see the data.) Under 'Show Columns', select various columns, including 'Booking Ref' and 'Invoice Number'. Then click refresh and you should be able to search for the Invoice number. You can add this custom report to your Dashboard.

Invoice Date

When an invoice number is assigned the system will use the date the invoice number was assigned as invoice date.

Invoice Status

The "Status" field in the "Charges and Payments" tab can be used to specify the type of item. Examples are payment methods or different VAT levels. Status can be preset for upsell items and for extra invoice charges. For details please use the context helps (? icons) in "Invoice Items" and "Upselling".

[INVOICETABLEPART:status1,status2,!status4] - Invoice table showing only items with matching status.The status items can be a comma separated list. To exclude status items prefix them with an exclamation mark, for example !status1. /

These template variables get the totals based on the status value in the booking:




Add the status after the : Multiple status can be added separated by a comma. You can also apply an optional multiplier or offset.

You can include status values or exclude them with an exclamation mark !

Example: A property uses 3 status which are tax, restaurant and bar

[INVOICEPARTCHARGES:restaurant,bar!tax:10%] will calculate the balance of all invoice charges with the status bar or restaurant but not tax and and apply a 10% offset.

Custom Invoice Balance

You can calculate an invoice balance only for certain upsell items or exclude upsell items from being added to the invoice balance. If you want to use this functionality you will need to add a status to the upsell item ( in SETTINGS->BOOKING ENGINE->UPSELL ITEMS).

To set the status field of the invoice item include a pipe symbol | between the description text and the status text. For example Description of item | Status

Invoice table display

By default the invoice contains the template variable [INVOICETABLE]. Various other template variables displaying different content are available.

Lock invoices / Multiple Invoices

Lock invoices to prevent changes once an invoice number is assigned. The items will be removed from "Charges and Payments". When new invoice items are added the system will automatically start a new invoice.

You can activate this function in SETTINGS -> ACCOUNT -> PREFERENCES.

Credit Invoice

  • Go to SETTINGS -> ACCOUNT -> PREFERENCES and set "Close Invoices" = Yes.
  • Close the invoice you want to credit.
  • Go to "Charges and Payments" and enter negative values for the items you want to credit.

If required you can set up a different invoice template in SETTINGS->GUEST MANAGEMENT->INVOICE. You can select which template is used after you have clicked on "Printable Invoice".

Cancel Invoice

  • Go to SETTINGS->ACCOUNT->PREFERENCES and set "Lock Invoices" = Yes.
  • Lock the invoice you want to cancel.
  • Go to "Charges and Payments" and enter the cancelled amount as a negative value to zero the balance.

If required you can set up a different invoice template for cancellations in SETTINGS -> GUEST MANAGEMENT -> INVOICES. You can choose the template after you clicked on "Print Invoice".

Different Invoice Address

1. Go to SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->BOOKINGQUESTIONS and set up "Custom Questions" for the information you need. If you do not want to show them on the booking page set them to "internal".

2. Use template variables (i.e. [GUESTCUSTOMQ1], [GUESTCUSTOMQ2] ..) to add the information to your invoice template.

If you need a separate invoice template you can use one of the print templates (SETTINGS->GUEST MANAGEMENT->PRINT TEMPLATES).


Smart template variables are available to auto convert the values from the booking into another currency.

Example: [INVOICETABLE:1.1$] multiplies your prices by 1.1 (+10%) and displays them with a $symbol at the end.

You can use the "Status" field in the "Charges and Payments" tab of the booking if you need to record additional information i.e. a second currency or a conversion rate. You can use a template variable like STA in the custom invoice table or [INVOICETABLE2] to show the information from the status field.

For more information on currencies see here.

Smart template variables

Smart template variables can be used to automatically calculate from the values in the booking.

Extras Sold on Site

You can set up internal "Invoice Items" which can be added from the control panel, they do not show on the booking page. After they have been set up they are available under "Charges" in a drop-down list in the "Invoice and Charges" tab of the booking.

OTAs / Channel Collect

Under SETTINGS -> CHANNEL MANAGER you can set whether channel Collect payments are imported. When you import, the amount you pay to the OTA will be sent, not the amount the guest has paid. The guest has received the bill from OTA, so you do not have to charge the room charge.

If you need a different invoice template for certain channels you can set this in the channel manger settings (currently for selected channel only). See the channels help page for details.

Export/Import Data, Reports

Invoice data can be exported to a .csv file here. If required data can be changed and uploaded here.

Monthly Invoice Revenue can be generated in the menu REPORTS -> STANDARD REPORTS.

Under REPORTS -> CUSTOM REPORTS you can create individual reports. If you add the "Print Invoice" or "Assign Invoice Number" columns, you will have buttons which you can click to perform this action.

Separate invoices for agents, business travellers, certain OTAs

See this help page for more information.

Send Invoice via Email

To send an invoice as a pdf attachment via Email go to SETTINGS -> GUEST MANAGEMENT -> AUTO ACTIONS and set up an Auto Action Email.

If you send Emails with pdf attachment (invoice, booking template) to Alias-Email addresses from channels, the channel might filter the attachment out so it is not delivered to the guest.

Accounting Software

BookingAutomation integrates with Kashflow. If you want to use another system you can use Integromat to set up an integration or use the data export function (see above) to download data you want to import into your accounting software.


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