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This page explains how to set up and generate an invoice

To create an invoice go to Bookings and click on the booking you want to invoice and go to the "Invoice" tab of the booking pop up.

  • You have the option to manually add items to the invoice. To predefine items which you regularly add to invoices (e.g. mini bar items) go to SETTINGS->UPSELL ITMES and enter them in "Charges". Use the context help (? icon) for information on the correct format.
  • The "Recalculate Price and Charges" button allows you to recalculate the price after you have made changes in the booking (for example changed dates).
  • To print the invoice click on "Print Invoice".
  • To customise your description go to SETTINGS->GUEST MANAGEMENT->INVOICING "Invoice Item Room Description". If left blank the default description will be the room name followed by check-in and check-out dates.
  • The invoice template can be customised under SETTINGS ->GUEST MANAGEMENT -> INVOICING

Invoices showing VAT

The default VAT rate included in prices can be set in SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->BOOKING RULES.

If you need to work with multiple Vat rates each charge in the invoice can have it's own VAT rate. Upsell items can be specified with a VAT rate for each item.

If your prices include VAT and you want to display the VAT on your invoice use the template variable [INVOICETABLEVAT]

Show net prices and add tax

If you want to show prices that do not include taxes you can add the taxes as a obligatory upsell item.

Set the tax at SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->UPSELL ITEMS with the setting "obligatory %" "per booking" "one time"

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