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This page is about the menu SETTINGS -> PAYMENTS -> PAYMENT COLLECTION 

Collect Deposits for Website Bookings

If you use this method the guest will not be able to complete the booking without making a payment.



  • Set "Non Payment Booking Status". Failed or non payments can be set to leave the booking in either cancelled or request status.
    • Request: When the guest clicks "Confirm Booking" the room gets reserved for the guest and will not be available for other guests to book. When they make a successful payment the status of the booking will automatically change to confirmed. If the payment is aborted or not successful the status of the room will still be blocked with the request status. You will then either need to change the status manually to cancelled or use an auto action to automatically change the status of Request bookings to Cancelled after a preset time. Auto Actions can be set up in SETTINGS->GUEST MANAGEMENT->AUTO ACTIONS.
    • Cancelled: When the guest clicks "Confirm Booking" the room will not be reserved until the payment has completed. Other guests can still book the room until a successful payment has been made leaving a small risk of double bookings.
  • Set the required amount. It can be a fixed amount, a percentage of the total or the value of the first nights accommodation.
  • The currency used by will be the currency you have set in the PROPERTY -> DESCRIPTION currency to receive payments setting.


2. To add general information to the header section of the payment screen go to SETTINGS-> PAYMENTS-> and click on "Deposit Payment Header"

3. Enable one or more payment options.

  • Choose the gateway and or method(s) you want to use (SETTINGS->PAYMENTS->PAYMENT GATEWAYS->PAYPAL/STRIPE..... and enter the required account information to connect your payment system to your account. Use the context help (? icons) and the page help (top right menu of each page) for instructions.


If you want to offer your guests a choice between different options you can select in which order the options display.

To override the default title which the guest sees enter your custom text in the "Title" field.

  • In "Instruction" you can enter a custom information to display under the payment button.

For detailed instruction for each gateway/method when you click on the context help (? icons) and on HELP in the top right corner of the payment method help page.


  • Set "Booking Type" to either the Deposit Collection 1 or Deposit Collection 2.

Each of Deposit Collection 1 and Deposit Collection 2 can collect different deposit amounts.

Individual rules can be set for Normal, Near term and Exceptional period bookings. Individual rules can also be set directly within rates or offers.

This allows you for example to take a different deposit in high and low season or for normal and last minute bookings.


Note that booking rules for rates will override rules for rooms and booking rules for offers will override property booking rules.

Note: If you set "Booking Type" in  = "Collect CC - auto confirmed with Credit Card" or "Request CC - Request only with credit card number" in SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->BOOKING RULES the guest will submit their credit card detail but the card will NOT be charged.

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