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This page is about the menu REPORTS

If you need a report that is not here please let us know, we will attempt to add any reasonable report type.

If you have more than one property you can select whether you want to run a report for one property or for all.

After you have selected the time period click on one of the report buttons to generate the report.

If you want to limit the report to certain rooms you can add a rooms parameter to the end of the report URL in the browser.

The rooms parameter can contain one room id or a comma separated list of room id's

For example adding &rooms=1000,1001 to the reports URL will cause the report to show only room id's 1000 and 1001.

Standard Reports

The system offers a range of standard reports.

To download and customise standard reports:

1. Generate the report

2. Right click on the reports and then "Save As" e.g. report.html

3. Go to the saved file and open it with Excel

4. Change the data as required

  • average over stay: Values are assigned to each months with booked dates by the number of nights in each month
  • booked at check-in date: Value of all bookings for which the check-in date falls into the month
  • booked at check-out date: Value of all bookings for which the check-out date falls into the month

Cleaning and Housekeeping Reports

There are several reports which are designed to manage cleaning and housekeeping.

  • The Daily Unit Activity Report includes the unit status set in the CALENDAR
  • The Daily Unit Notes includes the unit status and the notes for the unit set in the CALENDAR
  • The Daily Activity Report shows only the room but not individual units
  • Cleaning report

Occupancy and Room Nights

  • Daily occupancy: Shows arrivals, departures, occupied rooms (stay-throughs), booked rooms (room nights), available rooms and occupancy for the selected period.
  • Room Occupancy: Shows the occupancy per room and day.
  • Monthly Occupancy: Shows the occupancy per month and in total for the selected period.

Revenue Reports

The revenue report uses the value entered in the price field of each booking. If a booking begins and ends in different months the average daily price of the booking for each day is assigned to each month total.

When the booking starts and ends in different months: The price of the booking can be assigned to the check-in month (booked at check-in date), the check-out month (booked at check-out date) or assigned to each month by the number of nights in each month (averaged over stay).

Invoice Reports

  • Invoices: All invoices in the selected period.
  • Invoice Numbers: Shows the invoices by invoice date and number.
  • Monthly Invoice Revenue report: Shows the invoice value per room.
  • Monthly Invoice Charges:


All payments in the selected period.

Country Report

This report will show booking data by origin of guests.

Custom Reports

You can create and store custom reports at the menu SETTINGS->REPORTS->CUSTOM REPORTS.

1. Create a custom report

  • Enter a "Report Title" which is the name under which the report will be stored.
  • Adjust the other criteria
  • Drag the items you want to the left side and the one you do not want to the right then SAVE. If will now be always available.

2. Generate a preset custom report

  • Use the selector to choose a report
  • If required adjust the criteria e.g. dates
  • If you want to use a custom report on the dashboard set it "Layout" = tabular.

If you use info codes in booking you can use these to show or hide selected bookings.

For example, if you use the code "CHECKEDIN" when guests check in and "CHECKEDOUT" when guests check out, you could create a custom reports to show custom reports by showing booking which include the info code "CHECKEDIN" and excluding those that have the info code "CHECKEDOUT".

Note: There can be problems exporting data to Excel or CSV in some browsers including Internet Explorer/Edge, it works well with Chrome and Firefox.

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