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 This page is about the menu {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS)> ACCOUNT

You find the account administration section going to SETTINGS in the top menu then 'ACCOUNT in the left menu. Here you can:

  • set your business details
  • change your password
  • make a payment

Contact Person: This is the name of the person responsible for administrating this account.

Administrator Email This is the email address of the person responsible for administrating this account. New booking notifications are sent to this address. This email address is not published on the web or booking page, there is an email field in the property settings for a published email address.

Email notifications sent to the guest are sent with the REPLY TO address as set with the property email setting. Only if the property email setting is blank will the administrator email address be used as the REPLY-TO address for emails sent to the guest.

Country: The country your business is located in.

Time Zone: BookingAutomation uses Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) for as internal time time source. Use this field to specify the number of hours before or after GMT for your local time. Functions involving time and days will be performed at your local time.

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