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This page explains how to install and customise the Wordpress plugin.

Install the Plugin

These step-by-step instructions show how to install the plugin.

Widgets are inserted via short codes. Use these step-by-step instructions for details.

Opening a Wordpress page with an embedded Iframe

By default the Wordpress will show the booking page for the ID you have set in the plugin settings or in the short code. You can also add a property ID or room ID parameter to the URL to show a specific property or room.

Examples: will open the booking page for property ID 13434 will open the booking page for room ID 32906

Developer Options

Developers or users with basic knowledge of HTML, PHP and CSS can change the plugin code to customise widgets.

Note: If you use the "Debug" mode in Wordpress you will see warnings. These are warnings only the plugin is working. Guest will not see these warnings. 

Example: Change the default values of the booking box

Open your Wordpress dashboard and go to SETTINGS->BookingAutomation then click on "Edit"

Search for this file in the right navigation: BookingAutomation-online-booking/theme-files/BookingAutomation-box.php

Click on on the link to edit:

To change the default number of guests search for:
if (!isset($_REQUEST['numadult'])) $_REQUEST['numadult'] = 2;
and change 1 to your default number of guests e.g. 
if (!isset($_REQUEST['numadult'])) $_REQUEST['numadult'] = 1;
Click "Update File"
To change the default number of nights search for:
if (!isset($_REQUEST['numnight'])) $_REQUEST['numnight'] = 1;
and change 1 to your default min number of nights e.g. 
if (!isset($_REQUEST['numnight'])) $_REQUEST['numnight'] = 3;
Click "Update File"
To change the maximum number of guests of  search for
<?php for ($i=1; $i<=12; $i++) 
change 12 to your max number of guests e.g. 
<?php for ($i=1; $i<=4; $i++) 
Click "Update File"

You can save the file in your theme directory if you want to avoid over-writing if you update the plugin.

Note: Iframes on mobile devices are problematic. Best is if you set up a special mobile page for the page where you have embedded the Iframe which opens the booking page in a new page instead of an Iframe.


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