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ChargeAutomation facilitates the entire payment processing component for operators.


The use of ChargeAutomation is optional. When you receive a booking, you have the option to process payments manually. This includes, verifying the credit card works, charging the card, notifying the channel in case of payment failure and refunding the card when applicable. If you do not prefer to do this manually, that is when you can leverage ChargeAutomation.


ChargeAutomation can:

  • Securely Collect Credit Card from OTA and website bookings
  • Schedule & collect Partial or Full Payment
  • Credit Card Scan & Automatic Verification
  • Report Invalid Cards To Guest & Booking Source
  • Charge & Refund Based on Cancellation Policy
  • Process virtual cards
  • Authorize & Release Security Deposit
  • Boost Revenue with Upsell Add-ons
  • Enhance Guest Experience with Online Check-in
  • Collect guest ID/Passport
  • Collect Selfie Profile
  • Collect Email, Phone Number & Arrival Time
  • Collect "Acceptance of Terms & Conditions"
  • Collect Digital Signature
  • Provide Digital GuideBook
  • Guest Portal
  • Direct chat & SMS with guest



  • Go to Settings > Properties > Access

Each property requires a unique key. Please generate and nominate a unique key for every property you have.

CA Step A.png view large

  • Then next, go to Settings > Account > Account Access
  • Enter your password then hit Continue

CA Step B.png view large

  • Scroll down to the API KEY 1 section of the page

CA Step C.png view large

  • Generate a unique Account Api Key and paste it on the API Key field

CA Step D.png view large

  • On API Key access dropdown, select "Allow whitelist IP only"
  • Set values as follows & Enter our IP to the IP Whitelist box.

CA Step E.png view large


  • Copy the Account API key from step BookingAutomation and paste it in PMS API Key field.
1) Select BookingAutomation as your PMS
2) Paste the API Key
3) Enter your Booking Automation Username
4) Hit Save and Continue to setup your account.

CA pms integration page.png view large

  • Customise your Payment, security deposit, payment schedule settings
  • Then go next to Payment Gateway section. You need your Payment gateway set up on your BookingAutomation account to proceed with this step. Click connect to Stripe.
  • Then customise your Guest experience settings.
  • Then activate and enable properties to start and sync new bookings.
  • ChargeAutomation will start to process New bookings.
Note: You can choose to import old bookings but for one time only so make sure to use the "Sync Bookings" button wisely.


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