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Connect Airbnb Accounts
This page is about the menu {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > AIRBNB  > ACCOUNTS and explains how to connect an Airbnb account and how to import listings from Airbnb to BookingAutomation.


You can connect one or multiple Airbnb account to

  • Import listings from Airbnb which will create properties and/or rooms in BookingAutomation
  • Create new listings in Airbnb from rooms in BookingAutomation
  • Connect to existing listings in Airbnb to send updates from BookingAutomation. You can choose to
    • Synchronize prices and availability only. BookingAutomation will then send price and availability to Airbnb and import bookings
    • Synchronize everything to update prices, availability and your complete content information including pictures from BookingAutomation

After you have mapped your listings BookingAutomation will automatically

  • Send prices and availability to Airbnb
  • Import bookings and booking modifications or cancellations

You can also choose to

  • Import booking requests
  • Communicate with Airbnb guest directly from BookingAutomation

Click here for general information on how the channel manager works.


  • BookingAutomation can connect all Airbnb hosts who are eligible for API use.
    • Airbnb does not allow Co-host accounts to use their Api. All connections have to be via the host account.
    • Airbnb restrict API access in some cities. If you are not sure if you can use the API connection ask Airbnb support to check with your market manger if you are eligible.
    • If you can not use the API connection you can use our Airbnb iCal connection to synchronize calendars only.
  • Hosts in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) which are in bigger cities can use the API connection if they enter an imprint in their adprofile (under ACCOUNT - only available in German).

Connect an Airbnb Account

Click on "Connect with Airbnb"

If you are not logged into an Airbnb account you will see this screen:

BA-Airbnbrest3.png view large

Log into the Airbnb account you want to connect and then continue.

Once you are logged in you will be taken to the authorization page which looks like this:

Airbnbrest1.png view large

If you were already logged into an Airbnb account make sure it is the one you want to connect.

Agree to Airbnbs additional terms and click "Allow". You can then click on the "Return" button to go back to BookingAutomation.

BA-Airbnbrest2.png view large

When you are connected the "Connect with Airbnb" button is replaced with a "View Listings" button. When you click on this button you will see all listings Airbnb makes available for import and connection for this account.

Connect Multiple Airbnb Accounts

If you have more than one Airbnb account click on "Connect with Airbnb" to connect another account.

To connect another Airbnb account you need to completely log out of the Airbnb account you have already connected.

{{#fas:exclamation-triangle}} Airbnb caches your login data. To prevent being redirected to a wrong Airbnb account log out of Airbnb. Close all browser windows and clear your cache. You should then have the option to switch or another Airbnb account or see this screen from where you can log in fresh:

BA-Airbnbrest3.png view large

Import listings from Airbnb

If you already have listings in Airbnb, you can import listings from Airbnb instead of setting them up manually. Listings can be imported as new property or as a room in a property which already exists in BookingAutomation.

Step 1: Access your listings

Click on "View all listings" to see all listings which Airbnb make available for this Airbnb account.

Step 2: Import listing

  • Click on the "Import" button
  • Select if you want to create a new property with a room or add a room to a property you already have in BookingAutomation. After you have done this you will see the new property/room in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) PROPERTIES > ROOMS.

Step 3: Complete property and room information and prices in BookingAutomation

  • Fees, bathroom and bedroom configurations are not imported. Go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > AIRBNB >VIEW CONTENT and click on the links next to the settings to enter these. For instructions us the context help {{#far:question-circle}}. If you want to use the booking engine you will also need to add the cleaning fee in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) PROPERTIES > UPSELL ITEMS.
  • BookingAutomation supports both "'Daily Prices'" and "'Occupancy Prices'" for Airbnb. Please see here for more information and adjust your pricing model if required in {{#fas:cog}}SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > AIRBNB > MAPPING
  • Your prices are imported as daily prices. If you have an "'Extra Person Price'" in Airbnb you will need to adjust the "Max Guests" and the "Extra Person" price in PRICES > DAILY PRICE SETUP.

Step 4: Connect the room or property to automatically update your Airbnb listing and import your existing upcoming bookings

Go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > AIRBNB > MAPPING to connect them. Click on help {{#far:question-circle}} in the top right of this page for further instructions.

Connect existing listings

If you have listings on Airbnb which you do not want to import go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > AIRBNB > MAPPING to connect them. Click on help {{#far:question-circle}} in the top right of this page for further instructions.

Create a new Airbnb account

If you do not yet have an Airbnb account you can create one from BookingAutomation.

Step 1: Click on "Connect with Airbnb"

You will see this screen:

BA-Airbnbrest4.png view large

Click on "Sign up" and follow the steps

Step 2: Authorize BookingAutomation to connect to your Airbnb account

Once you have created your account you will be taken to the authorization page which looks like this:

BA-Airbnbrest1.png view large

Agree to Airbnb's additional terms and click "Allow". You can then click on the "Return" button to go back to BookingAutomation.

BA-Airbnbrest2.png view large

'Step 3: Create listings on Airbnb

Go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > AIRBNB > MAPPING to export your rooms in BookingAutomation to Airbnb. Click on help {{#far:question-circle}} in the top right of this page for further instructions.

Disconnect or terminate the connection

Click on "Disconnect". This will set all your listings in this Airbnb account to "manual" so you can manage it manually. If you want to update the listing from BookingAutomation you will need to reconnect it.


Who can use the API interface?

Almost all customers can use the API. Airbnb support can give you more information on Airbnb`s policies and restrictions.

Can I import a listing from Airbnb to BookingAutomation?

Yes. The process is explained above.

What is the difference between the API connection and the iCal connection?

Main differences are the update speed and the transferred data. iCal updates can take up to 24 hours which makes it unreliable. Changes via the API are applied within a minute.

The API interface can:

  • Create listings
  • Send content and update content
  • Send pictures
  • Automatically send availability to Airbnb
  • Send prices from BookingAutomation to Airbnb
  • Import bookings (including number of guests, price), modifications and cancellations from Airbnb
  • Use messaging

The iCal interface can only export inventory and import bookings for which Airbnb provides limited information only (no guest name, no price, no Email address), booking modifications and booking cancellations.

I am already listed with Airbnb. Can I connect it?

Yes. You can connect an existing Airbnb account.

Can I still use Ical?

Of course, you can use iCal or API but not both for the same room (remember that iCal has delays and does not transfer prices or detailed booking information).

Can I accept requests?

Airbnb allows only instant bookings for API connected listings. But you can set which guests are allowed to book and receive and import enquiries.

Can I connect more than one Airbnb account?

Yes. You can connect multiple Airbnb accounts.

Can I send special prices to Airbnb?

Yes. This tutorial explains how to do this.

If I have a room type with 6 units (i.e. 6 double rooms) do I need a listing for each room?

No. Airbnb supports room types.

Will I receive notifications on new bookings or changes?

Airbnb will send you a notification for new bookings.

Do guests receive a confirmation?

The channel confirms the booking with the guest. BookingAutomation will not sent a confirmation message. If you want to send one as well you can set up an Auto Action Email.

Do I have to confirm bookings?=

No. All listings managed via API are activated for instant booking meaning all bookings are confirmed. You have the option to cancel bookings if required in the Airbnb extranet.

How can I communicate with guests?

You can communicate with guests directly via BookingAutomation.

How will I get paid?

The channel charges the guest and pays you via bank transfer or Paypal.

Can guests modify bookings?

If a guest modifies a booking you will receive an Email from Airbnb. If you agree to the modification BookingAutomation will import the modification.

Can agencies use the API Interface

Yes. You can connect to multiple Airbnb host accounts.

Can I send several languages?


Can I connect dorms?

Airbnb does not support dorms. We can not send how many beds are available. If one bed is available Airbnb will allow a booking for all beds in the dorm which will cause overbookings. What you can do is create a room with one bed in BookingAutomation and send this as a listing to Airbnb or map it to an existing listing which represents one bed. In BookingAutomation you can use virtual rooms to make the availability of these individual beds dependent on the availability of your dorm. See this page for the settings :-