Corrupted Content

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This page explains what to do when you have corrupted HTML content and can no longer edit certain pages

This can happen when something in your content triggers the firewall.

Try adding the content bit by bit until you find the item causing the problem.

Often it is a script or HTML item that appears to the firewall as a possible hacking attack. It can also be something that looks innocent like a combination of numbers and words like "and" or "or" that hackers often use in sql injection attacks.

Once you find the item causing the problem, try rewording it and make sure you use valid HTML.

If you can't find the culprit or if you cannot edit the content anymore, you can delete the content:

Open the page without any content and add '&noload=all' to the URL of the menu page then SAVE.


will open SETTINGS-> BOOKING PAGE - > PAGEDESIGN - > CONTENT with all content removed.

Then click SAVE.

The settings will be empty so you can enter your valid content and save.

Note: this will clear all settings on the page.

If you know the language which has the problem you can specify this using the 2 char language code (for English):