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Customise the invoice template
This page explains how to customise the invoice template

In {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) GUEST MANAGEMENT > INVOICE you can customise the invoice template.

The template will generate invoices like this:

Invoice 1.jpg

Download the tutorial or follow these step by step instructions:

Step 1 - Upload your logo in SETTINGS -> BOOKING ENGINE -> PICTURES

Upload the picture and copy the copy picture url

Invoice 2.png

Step 2 - Open the Editor in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) GUEST MANAGEMENT > BOOKING TEMPLATE

BA-Invoice 3.png

Step 3 - Enter your image URL

A click on the "image icon opens a window. Paste in the image url of your logo. If you dont want to use a logo delete <div style="text-align:center;"><img src="" /></div> and enter your property name.

BA-Invoice 4.png

Step 4 - Use Tables to align information

Click on the "table" icon and enter the number of columns (normally 2) and rows you will need.

BA-Invoice 5.png

Step 5 - Set up Template

Click on "Template Variables". All information from the booking can be inserted via "Template Variables", all other texts can be typed in.

If you are using multiple languages copy everything, change the language tab and paste. Then change the text you entered manually. The template variables will automatically use the correct language.

The code for this sample invoice is provided at the bottom of the text.

Invoice 6.png

Step 6 - Generate an Invoice

Go to BOOKINGS and open a booking. If you want to add an invoice number to the booking you can use the field "referer" or any other filed you dont need e.g. a custom question, or fax (in this case you will have to adjust the template variable).

BA-Invoice 7.png

Step 7 - Add Extras

The "Invoice" tab will automatically show all items booked online. The field "Rate Description" will not show on the invoice. It can be used for any comments.

Items booked separately can be added manually (1).

Press "Update" to save changes.

Click on "Printable Invoice" to print the invoice or to add extra information manually (2)

Invoice 8.png

Step 8 - Preview Invoice

If your invoice is ready click on the "print" icon (1) to save to your computer or print.

If you want to add custom information just for this invoice click on the "edit" icon (2)

Invoice 10.png

Step 9 - If Required Enter Custom Text

If required enter information in the editor and click on the "Close" icon. Information you enter here will not be stored in the system.

Invoice 11.png

The field "Rate Description" will not show on the invoice. It can be used to store manually entered information.

Code for the example

To use copy, go to SETTINGS -> GUEST MANAGEMENT -> INVOICE click on "EDIT". In the editor click on "Source Code". Paste the code in. To use your image exchange "" to your logo url.

 <div style="text-align:center;"><img src="" /></div>
 <br />
 <br />
 <br />
 <h3>Invoice Nr. [INVOICENUMBER]</h3>

 <table border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" style="width: 500px;">
			<td>Booking Reference</td>
			<td>Number of Nights</td>
 <br />
 <br />
 <br />
 <br />
 <strong>Balance due:  </strong>[FIRSTNIGHT:+30days]

Code for the example 2



Check in: [FIRSTNIGHT]
Check out: [LEAVINGDAY]
[NUMNIGHT] nights
[NUMPEOPLE] guests



Reference Number: [REFERENCENUMBER]


We thank you very much for choosing [PROPERTYNAME]. We hope you enjoyed your stay with us.