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Handling Multiple Properties

With BookingAutomation you can manage multiple properties in one account. You have the option to create subaccounts with individual logins for each property. The sub accounts can have their own login with full access (read and write) or limited access (read only).

The agency search page allows guests to search for availability by criteria you define and book directly online. For a simple example please look here: https://www.BookingAutomation.com/demo/agency-online-reservation-system.htm

The Enterprise Plan

With BookingAutomation you only pay for what you use. The enterprise plan is designed for agents handling multiple properties in one account. Your advantage is that you will pay the monthly account fee only once (not for each property). The channel manager will be priced per property because each hotel needs its own set up so you cannot add links up but have to calculate the monthly fee for each property.

The pricing for the channel manager is calculated by the number room types (not total number of rooms) a property connects. If a property has over 10 links we give discounts.

Channel Manager

To use the channel manger you need accounts with the booking channels you want to use and connect them to your BookingAutomation account.

White Label

BookingAutomation online booking system and (front end and backend) can be white labeled. You can use your own subdomain, logo and favicon. The channel manager can not be completely white labeled because setting up connections with booking channels means exposing that you connect through BookingAutomation.

Technical Support

The enterprise plan included technical support for agency only (not individual properties). Technical support for individual properties will be provided by the the agency.


We do not have a way to automatically split payments or calculate commission. You could collect the deposit from the guest (your commission) and the property collects the balance when the guest arrives.

API / Third Party Systems

BookingAutomation integrates with Jomres. We do have an API (https://www.BookingAutomation.com/api/) which can be used to connect to other systems.

For a list of FAQ on BookingAutomation online booking system and channel manager please have a look here.