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Host Notifications
 This page is about the menu {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) ACCOUNT > HOST NOTIFICATIONS

Email Notifications

By default Email notification about new bookings and system notifications are sent to the Administrator Email address from SETTINGS -> ACCOUNT -> ACCOUNT ACCESS. If you have multiple properties you can set "Cc: copy to property"=yes to send a copy of the confirmation to the property. The Email address used is the one entered in SETTINGS-> PROPERTIES->DESCRIPTION.

System notifications are error messages, answers to support tickets and other messages which are not directly related to a booking.

We recommend you use different Email addresses to send and receive because some Email programmes (i.E. gmail) hide incoming Email if they are from the same Email address.

Additional Emails

Additional Booking Notification Email: A notification about new booking will be sent out automatically to your e-mail address. An additional customisable notification may be constructed and sent automatically to a second Email address when new bookings occur. Select whether this email should be disabled, sent only for bookings originating on-line at the booking page or for all bookings including those imported by the synchroniser.

Additional Email Address: The Email address to send the custom new booking notification Emails. Template Variables may be used for the subject and text of the email to include information from the booking.

Email CC Address: The additional new booking notification emails can be CC copied to this email address.

Email Subject: This is the subject of the additional email new booking notification. Template Variables may be used for the subject and text of the email to include information from the booking.

Email Message: This is the text of the additional email new booking notification. Template Variables may be used for the subject and text of the email to include information from the booking.


SMS 1 / SMS 2 : New booking alerts can be sent to two mobile (cell) phones. You may specify whether all new bookings or only new bookings where the guest will arrive very soon are notified via SMS.

SMS messages are sent via a commercial messaging service and incur a charge per message sent (go to SETTINGS -> ACCOUNT -> BILLING to see your fees). If the balance of your account falls below zero, SMS messaging will be automatically disabled until you bring your account back into credit. Bookings entered at the online booking page and imported by the synchroniser will be notified by SMS if they are arriving within the specified time frame. Bookings entered manually into the system while you are signed-in will not be notified via SMS message.

Send SMS 1 / Send SMS 2 Change this to the time window for the SMS (Today, within 1 day, within 2 day...)

SMS 1 to Phone Number / SMS 2 to Phone Number: This is the phone number that will receive the SMS notification.
This is a global service and the notifications can be sent to almost any phone in any country. The phone number must contain the full international country code and phone number as it would be dialed internationally but without any leading zeros or other characters (for the international access dialing code such as 00) and use no spaces between the digits. The number must start with the country code. SMS notifications incur a usage charge per message sent even if the message is not received because the number is incorrectly entered or the booking is false or later cancelled.Please make sure the number(s) is correct and capable of receiving SMS messages if you use this service.

SMS Text: This is the text to send in the SMS message. Template variables may be used to include information from the booking. Remember that SMS messages are limited to 160 characters and will be truncated if they are longer than this.

Multiple Notifications per Property

  • The easiest is to use a filter rule on your own mail system to auto forward the mails to multiple people
  • Create a sub account for the property (Click on the 'User' icon on the top right and then on 'Account Management, in the old control panel SUB ACCOUNT in the top right)


No Email notifications on new bookings
Check your spam folder if they are not there you might need to have BookingAutomation added to your white list of Email address which do not get blocked. Your Email providers help should tell you how to do this.