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Synchronising with Hostelling International


  • Click here for general information on how the channel manager works.


  • can export inventory.
  • BookingAutomation can export prices.
  • can import bookings.
  • can import booking cancellations.

For details please click here


  • Child prices can not be updated.


Hostel International

Forward the following information to [email protected]:

Hostel Name

Hostel Interface Id: Your BookingAutomation property ID

Product (room) Ids: BookingAutomation room IDs you want to synchronise and the corresponding HostelInternational room IDs.


  • Tick "Inventory", "Prices" and "Bookings".

Price Multiplier

If you want to add a multiplier to your prices, for example because the channel requires a different currency to your BookingAutomation currency, add a * followed by the multiplier number to your hotel id.

For example a hotel id setting 123456*1.23 will multiply all prices by 1.23 sent for hotel id 123456. (i.e. raised by 23%) Lower prices can be sent with a multiplier less than 1, i.e. 123456*0.85 will send a price 85% of the normal price (i.e. lowered by 15%)

Common Errors



  • Untiick "Prices", "Inventory" and "Bookings".