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This page explains how to use Integromat to set up a connection with Igloohome.


Igloohome integrates with BookingAutomation via Integromat.

Set Up


Step 1: Set up an Auto Action which selects the bookings which will be sent to Integromat

Go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) GUEST MANAGEMENT > AUTO ACTIONS and create an Auto Action with following settings:

  • Trigger Action = 'Auto'
  • Trigger Event = "Check-in"
  • Set Trigger time to a negative value, for example -2 days means the booking data will create a PIN 2 days before check in.
  • Trigger Time = same number as Trigger Window (positive), for example if -2 days was selected, trigger window should be 2 days

{{#fas:exclamation-triangle}} The Auto Action must be created by the Account which owns the property, actions linked from other accounts cannot be used.

Step 2: Select the Auto Action which you want to use for Integromat

Select the Auto Action in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS->INTEGROMAT.

Step 3: Create an apiKey

Create an apiKey of 16 or more characters in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS->INTEGROMAT and save it.

Step 4: Choose your send strategy

Bookings can be sent repeatedly, once only or after each modification.

Step 5: Customize information sent to Integromat (optional)

A default set of booking information is sent to Integromat, this can be customized by specifying the fields you want to send, one per line at the setting "Data fields". See below for a set of all fields.

Step 6: Activate sending

Tick the rooms for which you want to send bookings in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS->INTEGROMAT. Only bookings from rooms enabled for Integromat and which meet the trigger conditions in the Auto Action will be sent.


Contact Igloohome to get an API key (required for the Integromat setup).


Step 1: Add Igloohome

Click on this link https://www.integromat.com/en/apps/invite/c9526e8ac86da8a74d48d6182a8381ec and select "Add to my inventory" to add Igloohome app to your Integromat account.

Step 2 : Create a Scenario

  1. Create a new scenario, add BookingAutomation app as the first module. Use the API key and Property ID from BookingAutomation to create a connection.
  2. Add Igloohome app as the second step, choose "Create Duration PIN Code"
  3. Use an API key from igloohome to create a connection (if you do not have an API key, please contact Igloohome team for one)
  4. Enter the Lock ID that is tied to this property (PIN will be created for this lock when new booking is created). Lock ID can be found on the Igloohome app.
  5. Under Start date, select the Date and Time function "parseDate". Input the check-in date variable from BookingAutomation in the first half of the function, followed by the check in time. For example: parseDate(Check-in 16:00;YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm)
  6. Under End date, select the Date and Time function "parseDate". Input the check-out date variable from BookingAutomation in the first half of the function, followed by the check out time. For example: parseDate(Check-out 16:00;YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm)
  7. Enter a description for the PIN code. We recommend using the Booking ID to easily identify the source of the PIN.
  8. Add gmail app as the third step and choose "Send email"
  9. Connect your gmail account and input the Guest email variable into the email address field.
  10. Setup your email template to include the PIN code from the Igloohome app.
  11. For multiple rooms in the property, set up a router between the BookingAutomation and Igloohome app.
  12. Clone the Igloohome app and link it to the router.
  13. Clone the gmail app and link it to the cloned Igloohome app.
  14. Set up filters between the router and the Igloohome apps. The room ID from BookingAutomation should correspond to the lock ID from Igloohome.
  15. Change the lock ID for the cloned Igloohome app to match the filter.
  16. Change the gmail template to include the PIN code from the cloned Igloohome app.
  17. Clone as many Igloohome app/gmail app for each room in the property and add it to the router with a filter.

Each property will need a new scenario.

{{#fas:lightbulb}} Make sure the Integromat App Limit can process the maximum number of bookings you expect to be sent for each trigger, especially if you are sending the bookings one time only, more bookings than the limit value will not be processed.

If you have questions or need help contact igloohome support.

{{#fas:exclamation-triangle}} Each property will need a new scenario.

If you have questions or need help contact Igloohome support.