Internal Prices

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Internal Prices
This page explains how to set up internal prices for manually added bookings

Internal prices are only available in the control panel but not for online bookings.

Internal prices use offers.

  • Go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS)->PROPERTIES->OFFERS->OFFER 2-16 and set the offer you want to use for your internal price and set “Show” = internal

Using Daily Prices

Go to PRICES > DAILY PRICE SETUP and set “Offer” of the daily price you want to use internally select the offer number you have set to “Internal”. When you go to the CALENDAR you will see a new daily price row where you can set the internal price.

After you have set this up you can select this offer when you add a new booking.

Using Rates

Create a rate and set “Offer” in the “Rooms” tab to the offer number you set to “internal”