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{{#fas:exclamation-triangle}} Increased Security: Action Required

From tomorrow June 19th we will send an email with a special login link whenever we detect a login from a new device or browser. In this case login will only be possible by opening this link in the same browser trying to login.

Login using a device that has been used before is not affected by this change.

Make sure you and all your sub account users have access to Email notifications sent for their account or sub account.

18th June 2024

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} Slide-out help

As a next step on the updates to the control panel we have started to implement slide-out help on select menu pages.

What has changed:

When you hover on the {{#far:question-circle}} for examle on {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > AIRBNB > VIEW CONTENT you will see a summary with key information for this menu page. When you click the complete help page will open as it does now.

Over the next week this function will be rolled out on key pages.

All implemented and next planned changes are documented here.

13th June 2024

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} Auto Actions for Expedia messaging and Calendar Additions

Automatic sending for messaging with Expedia is now possible.

For the Calendar we have released a number of enhancements:

  • a * icon with a price indicates that there is a minimum stay set in the daily price rule for this daily price.
  • hover texts on the Daily Prices in the Calendar show you miniumum stays, maximum stays and prices for different occupancies
  • group bookings are marked with a {{#fas:circle}} icon. For the master booking, the circle is filled.

All implemented and next planned changes are documented here.

13th April 2024

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} New onboarding flow for

As part of our ongoing effort to improve workflows we have changed the way our connection with works.

Why have we done this?

Until now we have automatically confirmed connection requests. When we confirm a connection request deletes the properties prices and availability and expects the prices and availability to be sent from the channel manager.

Since we can not know if a property is ready this can result in properties being closed at

What changes?

The change we have made allows you to activate the connection yourself when you are ready.

What happens if I am already connected?

Nothing. The change only applies to new connections.

The instructions for the mapping and for the property import have been updated.

All implemented and next planned changes are documented here.

10th April 2024

{{#fas:plus-square}} Messaging integration with Expedia Group (Beta)

As an Expedia Elite partner BookingAutomation was granted early access to Expedias new messaging API.

You can now conveniently communicate with guests who booked via Expedia from the booking in BookingAutomation. Messages from guests will also show under MESSAGES.

The feature is automatically enabled. For more information click here.

This function is still in beta testing while Expedia fixes bugs. At the moment you can send only messages manually. Automatic sending will be possible shortly

26th March 2024

{{#fas:plus-square}} Templates for Auto Actions

To simplify the use of Auto Actions, we have created templates for frequently used Auto Actions.

If you now click on "New Auto Action", you can choose whether you want to start with an empty Auto Action as before or whether you want to use a template that you can customise further.

9th February 2024

{{#fas:plus-square}} Marker for Group bookings

In the new calendar group bookings are now marked with an{ {#fas:circle}} icon so that they can be recognised at a glance.

9th February 2024

{{#fas:plus-square}} Receive Airbnb suspension warnings in BookingAutomation

As a host, it is important to be aware if an Airbnb listing is at risk of being suspended. This is why we now show Airbnbs suspension warnings under MESSAGES. If you see such a message click on the link in the message for details. Resolve the issues immediately if required by involving Airbnb support.

5th February 2024

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} Rates renamed to "Fixed Prices"

As a next step on the updates to the control panel we will rename "Rates" to "Fixed Prices". The change will go live shortly. Some help pages have already been updated, the rest will follow shortly. If you see any place where the term "Rates" is used by the end of this week please let us know.

Why we want to do this: Many customers starting with BookingAutomation confuse what we call rates with channel rate plans. Using the terms "Daily Prices" for dynamic prices and "fixed prices" for prices which have a start and an end date should stop this.

In terms of functionalty nothing will change.

All implemented and next planned changes are documented here.

8th January 2024

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} Changes to the control panel

We are working on improving usability and workflows. This involves changes to the location of settings, setting names and menus.

All implemented and next planned changes are documented here.

30th December 2023

{{#fas:plus-square}} Report guest misconduct to

Now you can easily report a guest's misconduct directly from BookingAutomation to

At the bottom of the "Details" tab of the booking you will find the button to submit.

This option is available after check-in for bookings that are not cancelled. If you need to cancel the booking, report the misconduct beforehand.

27th December 2023

{{#fas:plus-square}} Messaging integration with VRBO group

You can now conveniently communicate with guests who booked via VRBO or one of their brands from the booking in BookingAutomation. Messages from guests will also show under MESSAGES.

The feature is automatically enabled. For more information click here.

15th November 2023

Send Registraton information for Expedia from BookingAutomation

When you click on the "Registration Details" button in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > EXPEDIA you will see which licence types are possible in your region and you can enter your licencedata. A click on "Send" will update the licence information to Expedia.

19th October 2023

New features for

Vacation rental hosts can now add information on how guests can access the property in directly from BookingAutomation. If you want to do this go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) > CHANNEL MANAGER > BOOKING.COM > SYNC CONTENT and click on the "Key Collection" button. makes this option is only available for vacation rentals.

If you want to send host and property profile information you can add the information in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) > CHANNEL MANAGER > BOOKING.COM > SPECIFIC PROPERTY CONTENT. Then go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) > CHANNEL MANAGER > BOOKING.COM > SYNC CONTENT and click on the "Update to" button where you can select to send your "Property profile".

28th August 2023

Agoda Homes changes pricing model: Action Required

Agoda Single Unit Listings are currently on Net-rate loading which means that Agoda will mark the prices sent from BookingAutomation up to the Reference Sell Rate on the Agoda website.

With effect from September 2023, Agoda are going to change their rate loading from Net Rate loading to Reference Sell Rate loading for all existing partners/properties (hosts).

In addition, Agoda are harmonizing our commission rates to be in line with Agoda’s market default commission levels. After the rate migration date, Agoda will deduct the adjusted commission from the Reference Sell Rate to determine the base rate received by properties.

Please update your prices or set a multiplier in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) > CHANNEL MANAGER > AGODA to avoid bookings with wrong prices.

For more information please see here contact Agoda support.

22nd August 2023

Interface with TTLocks

We now offer an integration with TTLocks.

You can connect your TTLocks in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIOS > TTLOCK. For instructions click on the HELP {{#far:question-circle}} icon in the top right.

6th July 2023

New feature: Reviews integration with Airbnb, Expdia and VRBO

Reviews play a crucial role in choosing a place to stay. You can now also conveniently manage reviews from Airbnb, Expdia and VRBO
 directly in BookingAutomation.

  • Read and manage reviews from guests in real time.
  • Answer to them directly from BookingAutomation.

For Airbnb you can also view your property score directly in BookingAutomation in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > AIRBNB > RATINGS.

When you have a new review from Airbnb you will receive a notificaton in your MESSAGES. Messages for Expdia and VRBO reviews will be added as soon as the channels make this feature availalbe.

Click for more information on how to manage reviews.

26th May 2023

New feature: Easy CSV booking import for new properties

We have added an easier way to manually import upcoming bookings from a .csv file for new properties in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) PROPERTIES.

For, Airbnb and Expedia we have the option to automatically import all upcoming bookings. We recommend to use this method for these channels because for bookings imported directly from, we will then be able to automatically import changes. You can use this function when the channel manager is set up but not activated. The button is available in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER->AIRBNB/BOOKING.COM/EXPEDIA.

17th May 2023

New feature: You can update reservations from Expedia Group on BookingAutomation

What you can do: 

  • Update a reservation if travel dates or rates change

  • Cancel a reservation because of a no-show, or if requested by a guest

Try it now - you will find the a "Report...." button on the "Details" tab of your Expedia bookings.

20th April 2023

Airbnb API Connection Upgrade

You might have noticed changes to the content update options for Airbnb. You can now fully control the content updates you want to send to Airbnb by ticking the appropriate content to update in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > AIRBNB > MAPPING.

Nothing has changed for updates to prices and availability - they will be pushed automatically to Airbnb whenever there is a change.

What has changed?

With Sync type = Everything - we can now send only specific content to Airbnb so you will not overriede everything.

  • Listing Details
  • Descriptions
  • Booking rules
  • Bedrooms
  • Pictures

Why we upgraded our Airbnb connection

BookingAutomation was one of the original partners to connect with the first Airbnb API in 2016. Recently Airbnb has created a new API with improved functionality and reliability. To maintain the best possible service we have fully upgraded to the new API.

What do you need to do?

There is nothing you need to do. This update provides more flexibility on the updates you manually send to Airbnb.

11th April 2023

Airbnb requests are now imported with the Status "Inquiry"

Inquiries BookingAutomation will create a booking with the status "Enquiry".

{{#fas:exclamation-triangle}} Bookings with the status "Enquiry" do not block the room. If you want to block the room for example if you have made the guest an offer you need to change the status manually.

2nd March 2023

Boost Airbnb bookings

Discounts make your listing more attractive. Many bookers look for bargains. These discounts can help you drive more bookings and you can conveniently set them directly in BookingAutomation in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > AIRBNB > SPECIFIC CONTENT

  • Last minute discounts may help you attract late bookers.
  • If a guest is planning a trip early, the algorithm boosts listings with Early Bird discount in search results.
  • Offer a non-refundable rate option with a discount. BookingAutomation also supports rate plans for Airbnb which allows you to control the discount, the cancellation policy and when a non-refundable option is offered.

Make sure your listing is ready to accept longer stays and offer weekly and monthly discounts to capture part of the increasing long terms stays on Airbnb. If your pricing model is "Per Day" you can also set weekly and monthly discounts in in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > AIRBNB > SPECIFIC CONTENT.

Are our listings new and unbooked? Create a "New Listing Promotion" which will be merchandised & highlighted to potential guests. Airbnb recommends offering a 20% discount to your first three guest.

February 13th 2023

Upload reviews to VRBO/Homeaway, Abritel, FewoDirekt, Stayz...

We can now upload the reviews you already have to VRBO/Homeaway (including Abritel, FewoDirekt, Stayz...)

VRBO only accepts direct reviews including reviews from your own website,Tripadvisor, Google or other sources for which you have the right to use them on your own website. VRBO will not accept any reviews from other OTAs including Airbnb or

If you want us to send your reviews to VRBO please reach out to us via a support ticket.

18th January 2023

Airbnb requests are now imported with the Status "Inquiry"

If you import inquirie, BookingAutomation will create a booking with the status "Enquiry". If the request turns into a confirmed booking the status will automatically change. If you want to automatically cancel requests which do not turn into confirmed bookings you can set up an Auto Action to automatically cancel the booking after a certain period.

Bookings with the status "Enquiry" do not block the room. If you want to block the room for example if you have made the guest an offer you need to change the status manually.

9th January 2023

New integrations

Webready is a website builder website builder for vacation rentals which creates a beautiful website for your short-term rentals lets you have direct bookings from the Webready Booking Engine.

Those who want to monitor noise levels can use Minut, use to automate processes.

14th December 2022

Changes made in Airbnb

Airbnb now allows software-connected hosts to edit their listing content and some pricing settings in the Airbnb extranet. To avoid confusion we strongly recommend you do not use this option for any data sent from BookingAutomation, make all edits to this data directly in BookingAutomation and then send it to Airbnb.

We will not import any changes made in Airbnb so depending on the sync type you have chosen any changes you make there will get overridden with the next update from BookingAutomation:

If your sync type is 'Prices and Availability'

If you make changes in Airbnb to price data including number of guests, extra person price, base price, taxes and fees, max stay, minimum stay, max days in advance, advance notice/same day booking cut off, last-minute discount, early-bird discount, weekly discount or monthly discount, BookingAutomation will override them with the data in BookingAutomation.

If your sync type is 'Everything'

If you have selected to update everything from BookingAutomation, we will overwrite changes made in the Airbnb Extranet.

November 29th 2022

New Lock System integrations

Jervis Systems and Yacan have set up integrations between their lock systems and BookingAutomation.

For a link to the dedicated help pages and complete list of available integrations please see here.

Update: Information in the "Logs" tab of the booking available until three month after check-out

For performance and data protection reasons information in the "Logs" tab of the booking will be available until three month after check-out instead of for a fixed period.

November 4th 2022

Capture mobile bookers

Did you know that properties offering a Mobile Rate on get 3% more visits on average from customers viewing search results – and 22% more bookings from mobile users?

You can conveniently create and update Mobile Rates for and Expedia from PRICES > PROMOTIONS to take full advantage of this important customer segment.

Read more on [help page].

14th October 2022

Information in the "Logs" tab of the booking available until one month after check-out

For performance and data protection reasons information in the "Logs" tab of the booking will be available until one month after check-out instead of for a fixed period.

August 30th 2022

Guest Guide for your guests

Do you want to provide a guest guide with important information about their stay, the location, tips etc?

This tutorial explains how to set a guest guide up. Find more tips and tricks.

August 19th 2022

Airbnb features updated

We have updated the Airbnb amenities to support all which are currently available via API. You will find a list on the Airbnb help page.

16th August 2022

Homes and Villas by Marriott added to channel manager

We are pleased to announce our new connectivity partnership with Homes & Villas by Marriott International.

Each hand-picked home is professionally managed by a vetted property management company to meet Marriott’s exacting standards in design, comfort, and safety.

Marriott does not work directly with properties or property managers. Property management companies who meet Marriott's criteria can list their premium and luxury homes via BookingAutomation. [1]

9th August 2021

Conveniently report changes to and Expedia

You can send changed stay dates, cancellations, no-shows, changed prices , invalid credit cards directly from BookingAutomation to Expedia or

The buttons for these convenience functions are available at the bottom of the "Details" tab of the booking.

4th August 2021

New security features added

Regular password changes, 2 Factor Authentication and Session Timeout increase security

These new functions are available in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) ACCOUNT > ACCESS.

4th July 2021

Send prices for different occupancies to Feratel

BookingAutomation can now send prices for different occupancies to Feratel.

If you use daily prices, the daily price including occupancy will be sent. Multiple daily prices for different occupancies can be sent on one rate code.

8th June 2021

Expedia property status directly from BookingAutomation

You do not need to log in to Expedia to check the status of your accommodation.

Go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > EXPEDIA. Click on "View Status at Expedia" to check the status of your property at Expedia's end. If you see an error and do not understand what it means contact Expedia support.

28th May 2022

Stripe local payment options and choice of Check-out version

In {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) PAYMENTS > PAYMENT GATEWAYS > STRIPE you can now choose whether the payment process is embedded in the booking page ("Embedded") or b hosted by Stripe and the booker is redirected to Stripe for payment ("Hosted").

If you use "Hosted" you can also offer Stripe local payment options including Ideal, Giropay, EPS, Bancontact, Przelewy24

23rd may 2022 Commission Discount of 20%

If you join Genius before the end of June will give you an introductory 20% commission discount on all Genius-rate stays completed before the end of September.'s Genius partners increase bookings by an average of 45% and revenue by an average of 40%.

Try it out. You can always opt out later if you change your mind.

May 3rd 2022

Stripe local payment options ready to use for all customers

We have added Stripe local payment options including Ideal, Giropay, EPS, Bancontact, Przelewy24

If you want to use these you need to activate them in your Stripe account. More information.

4th April 2022

New Status "Inquiry"

We have added a new status "Inquiry" for bookings. You can manually set this status or use an Auto Action to do so. Bookings with the status "Inquiry" will not block the room.

This new status will eventually replace the "Do not block the room" setting for "Request bookings. We will publish news once this is done.

March 19th 2022

Expedia Reconciliation

You can now reconcile Expedia bookings directly in BookingAutomation.

For all Expedia bookings you will see have a "Reconcile" button in the "Details" tab. When you click on the button you can report changed stay dates, cancellations by guest, no shows, changed cancellation penalties and changed stay prices to Expedia.

Integration with Beyond

We an not offer a full integration with Beyond, a Revenue Management Platform for short-term rental owners. Through this integration Beyond can send dynamic prices to BookingAutomation.

For more information please go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > BEYOND and click on HELP in the top right.

March 11th 2022

New options to change daily prices in the new Calendar

  • Change prices relative to current prices. For example, if the current price is 100 a relative change of 25 would increase the price to 125.
  • Makes changes only affect dates that currently have the selected value.

2nd March 2022

Airbnb rate plans

We are super excited that we can now open the option to use Airbnb rate plans for all customers.

With rate plans you can offer a refundable and a non-refundable option on Airbnb and control the availability and cancellation policy for both the refundable and non-refundable pricing option.

Click here for more information on how to use Airbnb rate plans.

16th February 2022

Stripe local payment options - Beta testers wanted

We are adding Stripe local payment options including Ideal, Giropay, EPS, Bancontact, Przelewy24

If you want to participate in the beta testing please send us a support ticket.

8th February 2022

Tiket added to the Channel Manager

Tiket is an Indonesian OTA for which we can now offer a 2-way API connection. For more information please go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > TIKET and click on HELP in the top right.

8th February 2022 virtual cards: Auto adjust to charge the actual amount on the card

You can now auto adjust to charge the actual amount on virtual cards via Stripe. This is how you do this:

  • Connect Stripe as payment processor in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) PAYMENTS > PAYMENT GATEWAYS
  • Create a rule in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) PAYMENTS > RULES with following settings
    • Funds Source: Virtual Card
    • Payment value adjustment = choose any except for "None"
  • Go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > BOOKING.COM set "Auto Process Virtual Cards" = Yes and select the rule you have created.

20th January 2022

Airbnb "Accessability'" amenities now require pictures

If you want to send "Accessability" amenities to Airbnb you now need to add a picture. For more information see here

14th January 2022

Quick setup for Expedia promotions

Promotions can help you generate more bookings and improve your visibility.

With our new quick setup, you can create promotions on Expedia with just one click.

Just go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > EXPEDIA > PROMOTIONS and click on the promotion type you want to add.

2nd December 2021

Integration with SUPERHOG guest screening

SUPERHOG is the digital trust platform that enables hosts, operators and guests to confidently transact in the short-term rentals space.

Click here for more information about SUPERHOG  here for setup instructions.

18th November 2021

Offers per property

We have added a new setting "Offer type" in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) PROPERTIES > OFFERS which allows you to set that your offers are available across all properties.

If you change the setting please make sure you activate the offers.

16th November 2021

{{#fas:lightbulb}}'s prediction for the return of travel in 2022 has commissioned extensive research with more than 24,000 travelers across 31 countries and territories and combined it with its proprietary data and insights, to predict how travel will continue to be redefined in next year.

Visit our [2] page for a summary a link to the source and more industry research.

29th October 2021

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} Prices including obligatory fees on the first screen on your booking page

If you set Total Price Style = "Total including obligatory" in (SETTINGS) BOOKING ENGINE > PROPERTY BOOKING PAGE the first screen of the booking page will show the total price including all obligatory fees and taxes.

For more information please see here.

18th October 2021

{{#fas:gift}} 33% discount on Pronto Premium for BookingAutomation customers

Pronto is a teamwork solution to streamline housekeeping, maintenance, and tasks which can improve staff efficiency by up to 20%.

BookingAutomation users can use Pronto Basic for free with unlimited users and get a 33% discount on Pronto Premium (1.99 EUR per unit).

To start go to {{#fas:cog}} (KONFIGURATION) APPS & INTEGRATIONEN > PRONTO. Enable rooms then press SAVE and click on "Start free Account".

6th October 2021

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} Upgrade Daily Price Setup for dorms

The setting which was previously named "Maximum Guests" has been renamed to "Price for".

The new setting "'Price per Person'" will ignore the extra person price and auto use the daily price for the extra person price on each date. This is the setting to use for dorms where you have a bed price and activities.

10th September 2021

{{#fas:plus-square}} Upgrade for the messages menu

We have added new functionality for messages:

  • An alert in the top menu when there are new messages (new control panel only)
  • After the messages tab of a booking is opened the message will show as "read" in MESSAGES (old control panel BOOKINGS > MESSAGES). There is also an option to manually set messages back to unread.
  • The MESSAGES page and the alert will auto-update every 15 minutes and upon a page change (new control panel only).

We have set this change live this morning. All messages you had before the release are marked as "read". New messages are added as "unread".

26th August 2021

{{#fas:plus-square}} New calendar released for beta testing

We have released a completely new calendar for the control panel for beta testing for all master accounts using the new control panel. If you have not yet switched to the new control panel you can do this in (SETTINGS) ACCOUNT > PREFERENCES.

What is new? We believe the new Dynamic Multi-Calendar is the most powerful in the market. It offers

  • Drag & Drop functions for bookings
  • Even more customisation options than the current Calendar
  • Better mobile functionality
  • Improved functionality for multiple properties
  • The option to create and save different views for different tasks

For details please see this help page.

Accounts with more than then properties might observe performance issues. We are aware of this problem and are working on it. If you see other problems please notify us via a support ticket.

24th August 2021

{{#fas:plus-square}} Google Calendar API

BookingAutomation now integrates with Googles calendar API which allows an instant two-way sync with Google Calendars and updates faster than an iCal connection.

If you want to sync with Google Calendars instead of iCal.

Go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > GOOGLE CALENDAR API to connect your Google calendar. For instructions click on the HELP {{#far:question-circle}} icon in the top right.

16th August 2021

{{#fas:plus-square}} Zettle interface for GoBD- and KassenSichV-compliant payments

With Zettle, we can now offer an interface to a POS system for restaurants, bars, cafés and similar establishments that is GoBD-compliant and KassenSichV-compliant.

Via the interface, you can send invoice items to Zettle which the guest can then pay on site in cash or by credit card.

You can connect Zettle in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIOS > ZETTLE. For instructions click on the HELP {{#far:question-circle}} icon in the top right.

12th August 2021

{{#fas:gift}} Commission discount with are offering a special 10% commission discount if you join Genius before 31 July. To be eligible for this offer your property needs to be

  • in France or the US
  • active and open bookable
  • eligible for Genius
  • sign up for on Genius between by 31st July (end of the day

You can check if your poperty/properties are eligible and directly opt in when you go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) > CHANNEL MANAGER > BOOKING.COM > OPPORTUNITIES.

19th July 2021

{{#fas:plus-square}} Google for Vacation Rentals partners with BookingAutomation

Listing your vacation rentals on Google is a fantastic opportunity to generate commission-free direct bookings.

Vacation rental listings from select OTAs and a handful of Channel Managers - now including BookingAutomation - appear directly in search results, giving property managers the opportunity to reach the many customers using Google to find and book accommodation every day.

As a special offer BookingAutomation will waive channel management fees for connecting to Google for Vacation Rentals until November 30th 2021. After this date connections will be charged as normal channel management links

You can connect your properties to Google in SETTINGS >CHANNEL MANAGER >GOOGLE HOTEL ADS.

For more information on Google for Vacation Rentals, how to set it up and on the differences to Google Hotel Ads please see here.

23rd June 2021

{{#fas:plus-square}} Free Pre-Arrival tool

Thanks to our partner Chargeautomaton we can now offer a free online Pre Arrival-in tool for Vacation Rentals & Hotels.

You can use the Free Pre-Arrival tool to


  • Guest ID/passport
  • Card scan
  • Email, phone, arrival time, guest count
  • Selfie
  • Terms & Conditions confirmation
  • E-signature
  • Collect additional information via custom questions

Offer guests

  • Digital Guidebook & Guest Portal
  • Custom Upsells (i.e. Pet fee, early check in, parking, airport pickup)

You can connect via {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > PRE-ARRIVAL TOOL. For more information please click on HELP in the top right of this page.

22nd June 2021

{{#fas:plus-square}} Pronto Housekeeping and Maintenence

Our partner Godo Pronto simplifies housekeeping, maintenance, and task management.

The Basic subscription plan for Pronto is free. Other subscription plans have a fixed monthly fee.

You can start an account and set up a connection in {{#fas:cog}} (KONFIGURATION) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > PRONTO.

16th June 2021

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} Check listing status on VRBO

If you use the VRBO XML connection you can now use the "View Status at VRBO" button in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > VRBO > MAPPING to check the status of your listing.

15th June 2021

{{#fas:plus-square}} Integration with Feratel Meldeclient in live test

If your municipality uses the Feratel Meldeclient, you can now send the reports directly from BookingAutomation.

For detailed instructions, go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > FERATEL MELDECLIENT and click on HELP in the top right corner.

3rd June 2021

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} Booking questions for guests

Booking questions are now also available for guests. If there are multiple bookings with different entries the system will insert the value from the latest booking.

If you have multiple properties you will need to make sure the booking questions are in the same order for all your properties.

31st May 2021

{{#fas:plus-square}} License information for

When you click on the "License" button in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > BOOKING.COM - > SYNC CONTENT you will see which license types are possible in your region and you can enter your license ID. A click on "Send" will update the license information to

22nd May 2021

{{#fas:award}} Announcing Elite Connectivity Partner status with Expedia Group

We are proud to provide our customers with high-quality connections which have earned us Expedia Elite Connectivity Partner status, Airbnb Preferred Partner status, VRBO Preferred Partner status and Premier Partner status for the sixth time in a row.

12th May 2021

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} Capture mobile bookers

With increasing mobile use more online bookings are made on mobile devices.

You can conveniently create and update Mobile Rates for and Expedia from PRICES > PROMOTIONS PRICES > PROMOTIONS > BOOKING.COM/EXPEDIA.

11th May 2021

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} Upgrade for the "Channel Maping page

When you go to PRICES > CHANNEL MAPPING you can now choose between the original "Channels in one column" view and a new "Channels in individual columns" view which gives you a better overview on where prices are used. If you need to make changes click on the price to edit it.

3rd May 2021

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} VRBO: Connection upgrade

We have changed the way properties across multiple acconts can be assinged to VRBO account to make it easier to manage mutliple VRBO accounts.

If you use subaccounts please read the VRBO help page before connecting new rooms or properties ( {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > VRBO > ACCOUNT then click on HELP {{#far:question-circle}} in the top right of this page).

22nd April 2021

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} VRBO: API connection for customers with less than five listings

VRBO provides a new self-onboarding tool through which most property manager can connect.

You can start the tool from {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > VRBO > ACCOUNT. For detailed instructions click on HELP {{#far:question-circle}} in the top right of this page.

13th April 2021

{{#fas:plus-square}} Custom header for bookings

You can now add a custom header text to your bookings. The content you enter as "Booking Header" in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) ACCOUNT > PREFERENCES will show at the top of each tab of your bookings.

6th April 2021

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} Stripe: refund and release an authorization in the booking

You can now refund an amount or the full payment and release an authorization directly in the booking.

If you refund within BookingAutomation the invoice will automatically update.

More information.

29th February 2021

{{#fas:plus-square}} Manage Expedia rooms and rate plans from BookingAutomation

You can now add or change room types and rate plans for Expedia directly in BookingAutomation. This convenience function will make it easier for you to update your settings and keep them aligned in both Expedia and BookingAutomation.

The new functions are available in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > EXPEDIA > ROOMS AND RATES. For instructions on how it works please click on HELP in the top right of this page.

23rd March 2021

{{#fas:plus-square}} Communication guests: Early access for BookingAutomation customers

We are pleased to announce that we have been granted early access to's new messaging API. had included BookingAutomation in their beta test and we can now make it available to all customers.

The feature is automatically enabled. For more information click here.

11th March 2021

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} Free booking links on Google

BookingAutomation has partnered with Google for an experiment with free booking links.We are happy to announce that Google has now officially launched free booking links as a permanent option.

As official Google Hotel Ads partner BookingAutomation can distribute your direct rates and inventory on Hotel Search by Google.

  • You get a direct connection to Google with the best rate coverage and real time prices

  • Display your hotels’ direct rates and availability on Google Search and Maps

Go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > GOOGLE HOTEL ADS and set „Notify“ = Notify for your most economic double room to benefit from Googles free booking links.

If you want to go one step further and increase your visibility you can add a commission bid. [[Google_Hotel_Ads|More information].

10th March 2021

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} Stripe extended authorization for BookingAutomation customers

Stripe is giving all BookingAutomation customers early access to their extended authorization window.

The extended maximum holding period depends on the card type and the country the card is from:

  • Visa 31 days (Japan 7 days)
  • Mastercard 30 days
  • Discover 30 days

5th March 2021

{{#fas:plus-square}} Create and manage Expedia Promotions

We are proud that BookingAutomation was one of the first channel managers to be certified for Expedia's new Promotions API.

You can now create change and view Expedia promotions in BookingAutomation in PRICES > PROMOTIONS > EXPEDIA PROMOTIONS or {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > EXPEDIA > EXPEDIA PROMOTIONS.

{{#fas:lightbulb}} Members Only Deals can help you capture travelers who will travel first. 67% of those traveling first will be under 40 and mobile is one of the preferred channels for this demographic. You can attract travellers under 40 by offering a Member Only Deal only visible for mobile bookings.

12th February 2021

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} Airbnb API Upgrade

What has changed?

  • We can now send availability and price updates instantly
  • Multiple Airbnb accounts can be connected from one BookingAutomation account
  • New improved mapping and management menus

Why we upgraded our Airbnb connection

BookingAutomation was one of the original partners to connect with the first Airbnb API in 2016. Recently Airbnb has created a new API with improved functionality and reliability. To maintain the best possible service we have fully upgraded to the new API.

What do you need to do?

There is nothing you should need to do. Airbnb has migrated all connections automatically. If you see any problems with your Airbnb listings please start a support ticket with us.

11th February 2021

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} New options for Custom Reports

We have added new "Layout" options for custom reports which will allow you to show booking data grouped by

  • Property
  • Room
  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Quarter
  • Year

10th February 2021

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} Automated Check-in with Nuki and BookingAutomation

Nuki now supports Auto-Check-in: when a lock is first opened by the guest the info code "CHECKIN" will be added to the booking.

If you already have a connection with Nuki please go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > NUKI and

  • Set "Auto Check-in" = Yes and click on "Save"
  • Disconnect from Nuki then reconnect

For more information on our integration with Nuki Smart Locks please see here.

8th February 2021

{{#fas:rocket}} Poster POS Integration

We can now offer a POS integration with Poster. Poster is a fast, stable, and functional cross-platform point of sale which takes orders, monitors sales, and manages the entire restaurant or bar.

To connect with Poster POS please to to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > POSTER POS. Click on HELP {{#far:question-circle}} right on the page for setup instructions.

4th February 2021

{{#fas:plus-square}} New options for Standard Reports

In REPORTS > STANDARD REPORTS you can now fine tune which bookings you want to include in reports.

25th January 2021

{{#fas:gift}} Zero Commission Bookings from Google for BookingAutomation customers

We have negotiated a special deal with Google.

For a limited time Google offers zero commission bookings. All you need to do is activate Google as a channel in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) > CHANNEL MANAGER > GOOGLE HOTEL ADS and set the commission bid to "None".

If you want to have more exposure you can achieve this with a higher commission bid.

18th January 2021

{{#fas:rocket}} Rezintel Website Builder

We are excited to announce our partner RezIntel allows BookingAutomation users to create a website directly from the content you already have entered or are about to enter into BookingAutomation.

If you need a new website you can check out Rezintel via {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > REZINTEL.

RezIntel offers all BookingAutomation users a 14 day free trial.

8th January 2021

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} Multiple Credit Card Functionlaity

Multiple cards can be sent for each Stripe customer and a specific one selected when charging.

You can use this function if you want to charge for example both virtual cards from OTAs and customer cards.

5th January 2021

{{#fas:plus-square}} Invoice Audit Report

In REPORTS > STANDARD REPORTS you can now generate an "Invoice Audit Report" which will give you a list of all charges and payments and the time the user has made.

21st December 2020

{{#fas:plus-square}} New payment gateway: Borgun

Borgun is a payment gateway which is available in several countries including Croatia and Iceland. The connection is available in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) > PAYMENTS FROM GUESTS > PAYEMNT GATESWAY > BORGUN

18th December 2020

{{#fas:chalkboard-teacher}} Learn how to improve your performance on TripAdvisor

In a webinar exclusively for BookingAutomation users our partner TripAdvisor will provide up-to-date tips and tricks on how to

  • Improve free TripAdvisor listings
  • Drive bookings from reviews
  • Generate bookings from TripAdvisor

You can join the free webinar

On: December 2nd, 16:00 CET (15:00 GMT)

via this link: Tripadvisor BookingAutomation Webinar 02 December 1500 GMT

26th November 2020

{{#fas:gift}} Discounts from TripAdvisor for BookingAutomation customers

Our partner Tripadvisor grants BookingAutomation special discounts.

  • Sponsored Placement & Sponsored Placement Direct: 10% off for the first month for customers that have not used Sponsored Placement in the last year. Promo code: CT9PF5
  • Business Advantage: One month free trial for those that have not used Business Advantage in the last year. Promo code: S1TOIT
  • Reputation Pro: One month free trial for those that have not used Reputation Pro in the last year. Promo code: XHU4M8

For more information on how to use Tripadvisor through BookingAutomation please see here.

10th November 2020

{{#fas:exclamation-circle}} Airbnb users need to log into their Airbnb Account

All Airbnb users need to log into their Airbnb account and

  • Accept the "Enhanced Cleaning Protocol"
  • Accept Airbnb's new standards

If you you do not accept these Airbnb will take your listings offline.

23rd October 2020

{{#fas:plus-square}} Bedding Information and Reports

You can now set up info codes for do display bedding information on the DASHBAORD and int the standard "Group Arrivals" report. For more information see here.

19th October 2020

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} Picture limit raised to 99 per property

You can now upload up to 99 pictures per property in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) BOOKING ENGINE > PICTURES.

If you need more you can use external pictures.

14th October 2020

{{#fas:plus-square}} Custom Cancellation Policies for VRBO / Homeaway

If you want to send a custom cancellation policy you need to set the actual policy in "Custom" in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > VRBO > SPECIFIC ROOM CONTENT. Use the context help {{#far:question-circle}} for detailed instructions.

13th October 2020

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} Sortable custom reports

Custom reports are sortable if you set "Layout" = "Sortable Table".

8th October 2020

{{#fas:plus-square}} Rev+ Powered by Expedia Group available in BookingAutomation

We are proud to announce that BookingAutomation and Expedia Group have partnered to provide real-time pricing data and market insights. BookingAutomation is among the first channel managers providing this data which can help making smarter decisions and optimizing revenue.

When you select a property which is connected to Expedia in the CALENDAR and click on the "Intelligence" button, you will have access to following data:

  • Current Rate: This is the lowest price you offer on Expedia on this date.
  • Competitive Av. Rate: This is the average lowest rate of your competitive set in Expedia on this date.
  • Market Recovery Insights: Market Recovery Insights metric provides a percentage of how many page visits a market receives for a specific stay date when compared to last year.

25th September 2020

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} Airbnb and VRBO content fields added to the property content API

setPropertyContent and getPropertyContent now contain Airbnb and VRBO content field so you can send and retrieve them.

08th September 2020

{{#fas:plus-square}} Activity Log released in open beta

When you go to REPORTS > ACTIVITY LOG you can now see which changes were made when and by whom they were made.

This function is in an open beta release and not all settings might have speaking names. If you see missing speaking names or other problems please start a support ticket.

27th August 2020

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} New functions for the Grid

In BOOKINGS > GRID you will now see a {{#fas:fa-ellipsis-v}} icon next to the property selection. When you click on it you can change the order to be per unit and add a summary which will show you the number of bookings and requests for each room type and each day.

20th August 2020

{{#fas:plus-square}} Boost your performance on Opportunities are a quick and easy to use service that can help you improve your business. For example:

  • Preferred partners receive up to 40% more bookings and get up to 65% more page views. If you have a high-performing property, you can earn a ‘preferred’ status on which can give you extra visibility in search results, and show you as recommended to a larger number of customers.
  • If you improve your Property Page Score you can expect up to 18% more bookings. You can view your property page score and tailored recommendations when you go to {{#fas:cog}}(SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > BOOKING.COM > MANAGE CONTENT. Click on "Property" and then select "Check Status".

You can find out if you qualify for the ‘Preferred’ program and access and action your directly in BookingAutomation via a click on the new “Intelligence” button in the CALENDAR in {{#fas:cog}}(SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > BOOKING.COM > OPPORTUNITIES.

13th August 2020

{{#fas:exclamation-triangle}} Important security advice

Please never share your BookingAutomation username and password or enter it into a third party app. If you do this you give complete access to your BookingAutomation account including all your customers data.

If you have:

  • entered your BookingAutomation username and password into a third party app
  • forwarded your BookingAutomation username and password via Email to anybody

please immediately change your BookingAutomation password. You can change your password in SETTINGS > ACCOUNT > ACCOUNT ACCESS. You will need to first enter your new password and then your old password.

7th August 2020

{{#fas:plus-square}} Enhanced inventory display in the CALENDAR

If you reduce the number of available rooms manually or via API you will see now in the CALENDAR by how many rooms the inventory was reduced.

Calendar inventory.gif view large

7th August 2020

{{#fas:rocket}} Fully automated contactless access with Nuki and BookingAutomation

We are excited to announce that we partnered with Nuki. The Nuki Smart Lock is an electronic, retrofit door lock that can be installed on the inside of the door within a few minutes, allowing guests 24/7 self check-in via the Nuki app or by entering a 6-digit code. BookingAutomation will automatically send the key code or app access to guests.

{{#fas:gift}} Until 31.10.2020 Nuki offers BookingAutomation customers 15% discount for purchases of €239 or more. Send us a support ticket for your discount code.

If you already have Nuki locks you can set the connection up in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > NUKI.

24th July 2020

{{#fas:plus-square}} Check how your properties perform on

You can access your property score on and suggestions on how to improve your properties performance Click here for instructions.

13th July 2020

{{#fas:plus-square}} User Forum upgrade

The user forum where you can search for answers to your questions and exchange with other users have been completely redesigend. To access the forum click on FORUM under SUPPORT.

1st July 2020

New Features, Updates and News

{{#fas:plus-square}} Google Map for the Multi Booking Page

You can now display add a map to the multi booking page which shows markers for all your properties. You can activate the map module in SETTINGS > BOOKING ENGINE > MULTI BOOKING PAGE > LAYOUT. Please check the context help {{#far:question-circle}} for instructions.

30th June 2020

{{#fas:plus-square}} Direct integration with Jomes

The direct integration which sends prices from BookingAutomation to Jomres which is available in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > JOMRES. The plugin which works the other way around meaning Jomres sends prices to BookingAutomation will continue to work.

26th June 2020

{{#fas:plus-square}} New interactive functions for the Dashboard

For the components "Arrivals", "Departures" and "Current Guests", "Modified Bookings", "Latest Bookings" you can add "CQ editable" custom question columns. These columns show the questions which are activated in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) PROPERTIES > BOOKING QUESTIONS and are editable.

Here you can find more information on the interactive Dashboard functions.

6th June 2020

{{#fas:plus-square}} Price per night in invoice

You can now select to display the lodging price per for each night in the invoice. The setting for "Room Charge Display" is available in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) GUEST MANAGEMENT > INVOICE.

For now this option only works for direct bookings and uses the average price for each night.

28th May 2020

{{#fas:external-link-square-alt}} Substatus feature for specific reports

Next to the "Status" selector in the "Summary tab" of the booking we have added a second one which allows you to add a "sub status". The sub status has no direct effect on the booking. Its purpose is to hold information and allow you create custom reports according to this information. If required you can add the custom reports to your Dashboard. Examples are:

  • To-Do list
  • Waitinglist

26th May 2020

{{#fas:rocket}} Offer guests to purchase refund protection on non refundable bookings

Offer your guests risk-free non-refundable booking with our new partner Refund Protect. If you activate Refund Protect in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS your guests will be able to buy an optional refund protection which will cover them if they need to cancel a non-refundable booking.

For more information please see here.

20th May 2020

{{#fas:plus-square}} Facelift for the control panel

We have given been working on a facelift for the control panel which is now released in open beta.

When you go to SETTINGS->ACCOUNT->PREFERENCES you will see a new setting "Control Panel" in SETTINGS->ACCOUNT->PREFERENCES. Set to "New Control Panel" to change. In the first step we have made a visual upgrade to the look and improved the navigation.

  • Navigation
    • Better mobile navigation
    • Navigation on the left is collapsible. It opens via the settings icon on the left
  • New "User" menu
    • Accessible via the user icon in the top right corner
    • Sub accounts was renamed to "Account Management"
  • Price checker is now on every page
  • The context help opens via the {{#far:question-circle}} icon on the right
  • All support functions are centralized under "Support"

Click here for more information.

7th May 2020

{{#fas:plus-square}} We have improved the menu structure to better reflect how most customers work

All menus related to Bookings have been grouped under the BOOKINGS menu:

  • The GUESTS menu was moved there.
  • The new MESSAGES menu will show messaging via channels. Click on HELP for further information on this function.

All menus related to prices have been grouped under PRICES:

  • Daily prices can be set in the new DAILY PRICES grid.
  • The RATES menu shows all rates in a list view and a calendar view.
  • In CHANNEL MAPPING you can see all daily prices and rates which are activated for channel management.
  • The YIELD OPTIMIZER was moved from the rooms menu on the left.

6th May 2020

{{#fas:plus-square}} Voucher codes for multiple properties

In SETTINGS > BOOKING ENGINE > MULTIPLE PROPERTIES you can now create voucher coldes which apply to all properties in the account.

2nd May 2020

Google Hotel Ads commission on completed stays and bids from 4%

Google has lowered the limit on commission bids. If you do not have many OTAs bidding against you you can get bookings for a 4% bid.

Also you can now choose to to pay commission on completed bookings instead of at booking.

For more information to to SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER->GOOGLE HOTEL ADS and then click on HELP in the top right

27th April 2020

Internal Notes added to "Info"

In addition to info codes you can now also add internal notes on the "Info" tab of the booking.

14th April 2020

Overview on pending payment

If you have created payments you can view them in in list under BOOKINGS.

11th April 2020

Google Hotel Ads

Google has lowered the limit on commission bids. If you do not have many OTAs bidding against you you can get bookings for a 4% bid. We have updated the knowledge base for COVID-19.

April 6th 2020

Once-off voucher codes

You can now issue once-off voucher codes.

We have linked them in the knowledge base for COVID-19

March 15th 2020

Knowledge base to help you deal with COVID-19

For many hosts times are rough at the moment. We have put together a knowledge base to help you deal with the situation.

March 15th 2020

BookingAutomation supports 'Per Occupancy Pricing' with

Occupancy pricing makes sending prices for different occupancies to easy. For more information please see the help page and check out our

March 5th 2020

Number of offers increased to 15.

From now on, 16 offers are available to you. Offer 1 is your standard offer, which is normally always available. Additional offers can be used to offer different price options or promotions on the booking page or to create internal prices.

March 3rd 2020

Airbnb listing import with prices

The listng import now pulls in rules and prices as daily prices. Importing from Airbnb is the quickest way to get a new property or room set up in BookingAutomation.

For more information please see here

January 25th 2020

Delay Auto Actions based on info codes

The new setting "Booking Info Delay" will set an auto action to trigger only after the booking info item(s) have existed for the defined number of hours.

January 21st 2020

Send reports via Email

You can now send standard reports and custom reports via Email.

To use this function go to SETTINGS->ACCOUNT->ROUTINES. For instructions please use the context help (? icons) and click on HELP (top right) of this page.

January 11th 2020

Fulfil legal obligations and collect documents via our new partner Chekin

Our partner automate the guest identification and legal obligations.

  • Send guest forms automatically to the authorities.
  • Generate the mandatory statistical reports on demand.
  • Produce and store all documents required by law.

For more information please see here

January 10th 2020

Generate Reports for bookings with expired credit cards

If the expiry date of the card is before check-in the info code CARDEXPIRES is added to the "Info" tab of the booking. If the card gets updated the info item gets deleted.

You have the option to set up a report which you can add to your dashboard.

January 8th 2020

Communicate with Airbnb guest directly from BookingAutomation

  • You can view all messages from the "API Messages" component on the dashboard.
  • The complete message thread with a guest is available in "API Messages" tab in the booking. Attachments are available as links.
  • You and your guests will see the messages in the channels extranet.

For more information please see here.

December 27th 2019

Multiple currencies

If you need to manage bookings in another currency than your default currency you can create an "invoicee" for the additional currency and assign the charges it. For more information on the invoice function please see here.

December 9th 2019

Zero Commission* Bookings from Agoda Homes

Agoda Homes charges 0% per booking for single-room units (rent out entire places).

For information on how to set a connection up go to SETTINGS-> CHANNEL MANAGER -> AGODA and click on HELP in the top right.

November 26th 2019

Occupancy pricing for Agoda supported

You can now choose to send occupancy based prices to Agoda. When you go to SETTINGS -> CHANNEL MANAGER -> AGODA you will see a new setting "Pricing Model"

  • If your pricing model is Per Day Pricing only single price, double price and room price will send.
  • If your pricing model is Per Occupancy Pricing a price for each occupancy defined in BookingAutomation can be sent.

For details please see the Agoda help page.

November 21st 2019

Airbnb will be limiting iCal functionality

Airbnb have informed us that they will be removing guest information from their iCal data from Dec 1st 2019.

After this change, Airbnb iCal will contain little or no more than the booked dates.

As an Airbnb preferred partner our certified XML connection is more reliable than iCal and will continue to provide detailed booking information.

If you are still using Airbnb iCal we recommend changing to XML. You can choose to send only prices and availability if you do not want to change the content of your listings from BookingAutomation.

To set the XML connection up please go to SETTINGS-> CHANNEL MANAGER -> AIRBNB XML and click on HELP in the top right for instructions.

October 30th 2019

Calendar link for guests

If you add one of the new iCal template variables to your confirmation messages guests will be able to add their booking dates to their calendars.

All template variables are available here.

October 23rd 2019

Interface with eDreams Odigeo / Opodo

The interface allows you to automatically update prices and inventory to eDreams Odigeo and import bookings into BookingAutomation. To set the connection up go to SETTINGS > CHANNEL MANAGER > EDREAMS ODIGEO. For instructions click on PAGE HELP in the top right of the page.

October 15th 2019

Trigger Auto Actions on template variables

You can now use template variables to to generate dynamic trigger values based on the booking.

All template variables are available here. For information on how to set up Auto Actions go to SETTINGS -> GUEST MANAGEMENT -> AUTO ACTIONS then click on HELP in the top right.

October 8th 2019

Integration with RoomPriceGenie

This seamless integration allows BookingAutomation customers to push dynamic prices from RoomPriceGenie to their own web site and to their booking channels.

Click here for more information.

October 1st 2019

Strong customer Authentication in the EU

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) comes into effect on September 14th in Europe.

This will affect EU based businesses charging cards issued within the EU. Non EU business’s and non EU cards should not be affected by the new rules.

Bookings from OTAs:

Collecting a credit card number without SCA will no longer be a reliable means of security as the card holders bank will likely reject the transaction. Many OTAs including and Expedia can collect guest payments at the time of booking (channel collect) with SCA. The OTA will then distribute the funds to you by bank transfer or virtual credit card so you avoid the need to deal with SCA and declined transactions. BookingAutomation can automatically process the virtual cards on the day the funds become available at Stripe and deposit them directly to your account. If you require security or prepayment but do not want the OTA to collect payment, you can accept bookings without card or deposit from the OTA and send a payment request to the guest from BookingAutomation manually or using auto actions.

Direct bookings:

You can collect a card payment with the booking using SCA. If you require additional payments from EU guests you will need to send a payment request so the guest can complete the SCA again.

Payment Gateways:

Paypal and Realex will are taking care of the required functionality from their end.

If you enable ‘Strong Customer Authentication’ for Stripe in SETTINGS-> PAYMENTS -> PAYMENT GATEWAYS ->STRIPE , it enables SCA authentication for Stripe booking page payments and payment requests sent to guests.

Payment requests:

Payment requests sent to the guest after booking are an alternative to collecting a card from an OTA as security. Information on how to set up payment requests is available here.

You can find more information about SCA on our [3].

September 12th 2019

Set "Extra person" and "Extra child" prices in daily prices

There are two options to set an extra person/extra child price by specifying either a positive or negative value:

  • A positive value will be applied to each additional guest above the "Maximum Guests" setting for the daily price. The daily price will be available up to the number of guests the room settings allow.
  • A negative value will be deducted for each guest less than the "Maximum Guests" setting for the daily price. The daily price will not be available for more than the daily price Maximum Guests value.

There are limitations for channel management which are different for each channel. Channels do not accept children prices and most channels cannot accept the extra person price. Please see the daily prices help pages and channel help pages for more information.

August 19th 2019

Create Custom Graphs and Charts

You can now also create custom graphs and charts.

Like all custom reports graphs can be added to the DASHBOARD.

Go to SETTINGS -> REPORTS -> CUSTOM REPORTS and click on HELP in the top right for further instructions.

July 30th 2019

Upgrade for Auto Actions sent to Airbnb Guests

We can now send messages via the Airbnb messaging system. This means that you and your guests will see the Auto Actions which are sent from Booking Automation in Airbnb. To use this function you need to:

1. Add a plain text version to your Auto Actions (Airbnb does not support HTML).

2. Upgrade the connection. This is how you do it:

  • If you have multiple Airbnb accounts, log completely out of Airbnb.
  • Log into Booking Automation. If you have connected more than one Airbnb account in Booking Automation make sure you are logged into the Booking Automation account/subaccount which is connected to the Airbnb account you are logged in.
  • Go to Settings -> Channel Manager -> XML -> Specific Content
  • Scroll down and click the 'Airbnb additional functions' link.
  • Then click the button. This will take you to Airbnb where you should log into the Airbnb account connected to your Booking Automation account.
  • Accept the new permissions and you will be returned to Booking Automation

To check the upgrade worked, log into your Airbnb account and go to ACCOUNT SETTINGS -> CONNECTED APPS. Click on 'Booking Automation'. If you see 'Access and respond your messages' in the list of permissions, your upgrade worked.

July 24th 2019

Plain text option for Auto Action Emails

You have now the option to set up plain text versions for Auto Action Emails.

If you have both a HTML version and a plain text version the plain text version will be sent additionally as back-up for systems which do not support HTML.

July 19th 2019

Create properties on from Booking Automation

Create a new account from Booking Automation

We are beta testing our new integration with's content API. With this new function you can:

  • Onboard new properties on directly from Booking Automation without having to enter your data in
  • Create new accounts directly from Booking Automation.

This help page gives more information.

Send us a support ticket if you want to use these new functions.

July 10th 2019

View and respond to reviews from from Booking Automation

To access reviews from your DASHBOARD unlock the DASHBOARD click on the hamburger menu then on "Extentions" and add the Review Module.


June 7th 2019

Increase bookings with new Airbnb service fee options

Airbnb now offers property managers using our XML connection two structures for their service fee.

The new Host-only fee gives you full control over your end rate by removing the guest fee so guests will see a 0 service fee throughout the booking process.

You can find more information for hotels here and more inforrmation for property managers here. Please also visit Airbnbs help center.

June 5th 2019

VactionStay by Rakuten added to the channel manager

The 2-way interface allows you to automatically update prices and inventory to VacationStay and import bookings into BookingAutomation. To set the connection up go to SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER->VACATIONSTAY. For instructions click on HELP in the top right of the page.

May 30th 2019

New menu for payment functions

We have added new payment functions and restructured the menus so all payment functions are available in SETTINGS->PAYMENTS.

May 11th 2019

Automatically report invalid cards to

If you use [4] and send all credit card details to Stripe you can set in SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER to automatically report invalid cards to

May 9th 2019

Hostelsclub added to the channel manager

The 2-way interface allows you to automatically update prices and inventory to Hostelsclub and import bookings into Booking Automation. To set the connection up go to SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER->HOSTELSCLUB. For instructions click on HELP in the top right of the page.

May 7th 2019

Manage Pending Payments

Customers using Stripe can automatically collect channel collect payments with virtual cards. To use this function you will need to adjust your setting for "Channel Collect Invoice" in SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER to "Charges and Pending Payments" and adjust your set "Virtual Cards" = Yes on the channel pages of the channels which supply virtual cards i.E. SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER->BOOKING.COM.

Pending payments can also be scheduled manually.

For more information see the help page for bookings.

April 25th 2019

Send WhatsApp messages to Guests

Click on the green icon next to the phone number in the "Summary" tab of the booking to send a WhatsApp message to guests.

April 23rd 2019

Multi Room Bookings across properties

When you click on "Add Booking" and then on "Price Check" and select "All" properties you can now add rooms from different properties to the cart.

April 8th 2019

Enhance the booking display in the CALENDAR with icons

This help page explains how to add icons to the bookings in the CALENDAR:

March 12th 2019

Company and State

Company and State have been added to the standard booking questions.

March 11th 2019

New template variables

We have added a range of useful new template variables:

[DAYSTOCHECKIN] - number of days until Check-in

[PERMITID] - the permit ID

[OFFERNAME1] - offer name for this booked room only


See all template variables here.

March 9th 2019

Copy settings

Where you see this a copy Icon you can click and then copy the value of this setting to other rooms or properties.

March 2nd 2019

Manage promotions directly in Booking Automation

Promotions can set up, viewed and changed in SETTINGS-CHANNEL MANAGER-BOOKING-COM-PROMOTIONS.

February 22nd 2019

Mailchimp integration

We have just launched a new integration with MailChimp the probably most popular email marketing service available today.

Go to SETTINGS->APPS & INTEGRATIONS->MAILCHIMP to set up your integration. Booking Automation will start to populate your mailing list with your guests, ready for your next newsletter.

January 24th 2019

Scheduled maintenance

Due to scheduled maintenance Booking Automation will be unavailable for 5-10 minutes on 30th of January between 3am and 5am GMT to perform important updates.

January 23rd 2019

Add multiple guests for bookings

In the "Guests" tab of the booking you can now add additional guests and remove guests.

January 22nd 2019

Prices for different occupancies to Google Hotel Ads

Prices for 1, 3, 4 , 6 and 8 guest will now also be send if they are defined. Please note that a 2 person price is still compulsory. If no 2 person price is supplied the room will send as unavailable.

January 21st 2019 Reservations Degradation - Resolved reported technical issues sending some XML booking notifications to partners on the 7th and 8th Jan.

The issue is reportedly now resolved.</p> f any bookings have still not imported, please contact us via support ticket with the Booking number and we will request a resend.

If these issues have resulted in an overbooking or any other loss, please contact support and reference the Degraded performance of reservation retrieval issues from the 7th or 8th January.

January 9th 2019

Prices for different occupancies and different length of stay via Airbnb XML

You can now send prices for different occupancies and different length of stay to Airbnb. If you want do use this option please go to SETTINGS-CHANNEL MANAGER-AIRBNB XML- SPECIFIC CONTENT and change the setting for "Price Strategy" to "Per Occupancy Pricing. Please read the information under "Prices" on the Airbnb help page before you change the setting.

January 2nd 2019

Company and State added to booking questions

Happy New Year!

If you want to ask your guests for their "Company" and / or "State" you can do this now using a "Standard Question" which you can activate in SETTINGS-PROPERTIES-BOOKING QUESTIONS.

December 31st 2018

Integrate with myriads of apps and services via Integromat

Thanks to our new integration with Integromat, the most advanced online automation platform, you have now have unlimited access to myriads of apps and services.

The seamless integration allows you to connect your favourite tools with a few clicks to Booking Automation. Available connections include popular accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks, Twilio, Google services, CRM systems like Salesforce, Zoho as well as Slack and Zapier.

You can set the connection up in SETTINGS-APPS AND INTEGRATIONS-INTEGROMAT. For instructions click on HELP in the top right of the page.

December 19th 2018

Connect Guest Experience Tools

Our partners Wishbox and YourWelcome who provide exciting tools which will improve your guests experience integrate smoothly with Booking Automation.

December 14th 2018

Automatically assign invoice numbers

If you want to automatically assign invoice numbers you can set up an Auto Action in SETTINGS-GUEST MANAGEMENT-AUTO ACTIONS. These instructions explain how to do this.

December 12th 2018

New Booking Page Check-out Screen

We have modernized the look of the check out screen and added new features.

  • Upsell items can show a picture, a headline and a descriptive text. To add or change extras go to SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES -> UPSELL ITEMS
  • Modern look and better mobile support.

Click here for an example.

If you want to use the new version of the check out page, change SETTINGS -> BOOKING ENGINE "Check-out Page Version" = Responsive.

December 3rd 2018

Google Maps on the Booking page now need an API key

Google has changed their licensing for using a Google Map. The optional map on your booking page now requires a Google maps API key and will not work without one. There is a free quota per month for each API key but you do have to sign up for a free plan and you have to enter your credit card details.

You will need a Google Account in order to get your API key via this link.

Once you have your maps API key you can enter it into the BookingAutomation at {#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) > BOOKING ENGINE >DEVELOPER. Your map should then work.

November 24th 2018

Upgrade your Airbnb XML connections to "synchronous availability check"

Airbnb has now implemented the option to check availability and accept or reject a booking at the very last step of the booking process, when the guest enters their payment method.

The normal XML availability check is performed when the guest first clicks the book button. Airbnb does not limit the time they give a guest to complete the booking so it is possible the room can become unavailable before the guest completes the booking.

By upgrading your Airbnb connection, both checks will be performed. The upgrade requires granting BookingAutomation permission to accept or reject reservations in your Airbnb account.

How to upgrade:

  • If you have multiple Airbnb accounts, log completely out of Airbnb.
  • Log into BookingAutomation. If you have connected more than one Airbnb account in BookingAutomation make sure you are logged into the BookingAutomation account/subaccount which is connected to the Airbnb account you are logged in.
  • Go to Settings > Channel Manager > XML > Specific Content.
  • Scroll down and click the 'Airbnb additional functions' link.
  • Then click the button. This will take you to Airbnb where you should log into the Airbnb account connected to your BookingAutomation account.
  • Accept the new permissions and you will be returned to BookingAutomation.

To check the upgrade worked, log into your Airbnb account and go to ACCOUNT SETTINGS -> CONNECTED APPS. Click on "BookingAutomation". If you see "Accept and decline reservations" in the list of permissions, your upgrade worked and a final check of availability will now be made at the end of every booking process.

October 28th 2018

Enhanced Daily Price Functions

You can now also set "Min days until Check-in" and "Max Days in Advance" for Daily Prices". The new settings are available at SETTINGS > PROPERTIES > ROOMS > DAILY PRICES

Smart Template Variables

Smart template variables will display the set contend only if a certain condition is met or not met. For instructions an examples please see here.

October 14th 2018

Upgrade to invoice functions

We have upgraded the invoing functions. New functionalities are:

  • Option to lock invoices after an in inovice number has been assigned.
  • Invoicees can be changed or removed.
  • If you need a different invoice template for certain channels you can set this in the channel manger settings (currently for and Expedia). Use the channel help pages for details.

Click here and here for detailed information about invoices.

September 26th 2018

XML interface with Despegar / Decolar

The 2-way interface allows you to automatically update prices and inventory to Despegar / Decolar and import bookings into BookingAutomation. To set the connection up go to SETTINGS-CHANNEL MANAGER-DESPEGAR. For instructions click on PAGE HELP in the top right of the page.

September 14th 2018 Outage - missed bookings

Due to an issue at, some bookings and cancellations have not been sent to us on September 4th between 10:36 CEST and 11:08 CEST. have reported that they are working on sending all missed bookings by the enf of the of Sept 5th.

September 4th 2018

Import a listing from Airbnb to create a new property or room

If you have a listing on Airbnb you can import it and create a new property with a new room or add a room in a property you already have in BookingAutomation.

Click here for instructions.

Security Update

Regular password changes are highly recommended to keep data secure.</p>

From now on you will only be able to view credit card details if you have changed your password within the last 90 days.

If the password has not been changed, all other functions will continue as normal but cards will not be visible until the password is changed.

You can change your password at the menu SETTINGS -> ACCOUNT -> ACCOUNT ACCESS.

August 27th 2018

Create your own invoice table

You have not the option to create your own invoice table.

Click here for more information.

August 23rd 2018

Airbnb XML connection simplified

Airbnb has added new features to their API which simplify the set up significantly:

  • No more navigating in Airbnb to publish:
    • You can now merge existing listings and select sync settings directly in BookingAutomation when you first send a room.
    • New listings added through BookingAutomation are now automatically published without the need to visit the Sync page in Airbnb.
  • No need to send full content if you only want to sync prices and availability.
  • Seamless transfer of listing registration info in markets that require it. Registration details added in BookingAutomation automatically sync to Airbnb listings. This feature is live now for Japan and support for other markets will be released shortly.<

The updated set up instructions explain the new process.

August 18th 2018

Upgrades to the BookingAutomation API

Customers using the BookingAutomation API can now also use it to import/export content like descriptions and pictures.

The functions are documented directly in the [5].

August 1st 2018

Notes per property or room

You now also can add notes for a property a room in the CALENDAR. When you have added a note a note icon will display on which you can hover.

July 16th 2018

Attach invoices or booking templates to Emails

You can now choose to attach an invoice or a booking template as pdf in the "Email" tab of Auto Actions. Auto Actions can be created in SETTINGS -> GUEST MANANGEMENT -> AUTO ACTIONS. For instructions click on PAGE HELP at the top right of the page.

July 13th 2018

New options for minimum stay and maximum stay

You can now override the maximum stay in the CALENDAR

More information.

July 5th 2018

Google Hotel Ads

BookingAutomation is now a Certified Google Hotel Ads Integration Partner.

Google Hotel Ads commission is only charged per booking, there is no pay per click cost as with Google Adwords.

Activate Google Hotel Ads and set your commission bid at SETTINGS -> CHANNEL MANAGER -> GOOGLE HOTEL ADS.

More information.

June 5th 2018

Airbnb XML now supports room types with multiple rooms

Airbnb have recently officially opened their portal to Hotels, B&Bs and they now support room types with a quantity greater than one. Previously each Airbnb listing could only be for one unique room.

You can now connect your room types directly in SETTINGS -> CHANNEL MANAGER -> AIRBNB XML.

More information.

May 15th 2018

Booking page Facelift

We have created new options for the reponsive booking page:

  • Display an image or picture slider in full width with date selectors as shown here. The new default template 7 comes preset with this option.
  • Split dates for the calendars and price tables as shown here.
  • Box shadow around rooms (property booking page) and properties (multi-property booking page) as shown here.
  • Updated the Booking Engine -> Design -> Layout menu.

Information about the new options is available here.

April 6th 2018

New Airbnb XML features

Airbnb has officially opened up its platform to hotels and B&Bs which meet Airbnb's standards. Also new regions such as Italy and Amsterdam are now allowed to use the Airbnb XML interface.


  • A new setting "Check-in Type" can specify the type of check in available at the property.
  • A new setting "Property Type Group" specifies the listing categorization at Airbnb.
  • Information about shared spaces and bathrooms can be specified.

March 20th 2018

Address check for Stripe

You can now have Stripe check the address along with the card. This function only works for bookings from the booking page and payment requests and is available in SETTINGS -> PAYMENTS > PAYMENT GATEWAYS -> STRIPE.

March 19th 2018

Prevent accidental changes to room assignments

The info codes LOCKROOM or LOCKUNIT prevent manual room changes by staff.

Here you can find more information.

February 5th 2018

XML interface with HRS

The 2-way interface allows you to automatically update prices and inventory to HRS and import bookings into BookingAutomation. If you want to use this connection please send us a support ticket.

February 9th 2018

Prevent accidental changes to room assignments

The info codes LOCKROOM or LOCKUNIT prevent manual room changes by staff.

Here you can find more information.

February 5th 2018

New Payment Gateway: Asiapay

Asiapay is a payment provider available in many Asian countries.

Please send us a support ticket if you want to use Asiapay.

December 11th 2017

XML interface with Traveloka

The 2-way interface allows you to automatically update prices and inventory to Traveloka and import bookings into BookingAutomation. To set a connection up go to SETTINGS -> CHANNEL MANAGER -> TRAVELOKA. For instructions click on PAGE HELP in the top right menu of this page.

December 11th 2017

XML interface with Asiatravel

The 2-way interface allows you to automatically update prices and inventory to Asiatravel and import bookings into BookingAutomation.

To set a connection up go to SETTINGS -> CHANNEL MANAGER -> ASIATRAVEL. For instructions click on PAGE HELP in the top right menu of the page.

October 13th 2017

Send payment requests to guests

We have created a special link to send a specific payment request to a guest.

Send the request to the guest by email or auto action using template variables and they can click on the link and be taken to a secure page to make a payment or enter their card details.

For instructions click here.

September 27th 2017

Guest Login

A guest login is also available with the payment request or can be used separately.

See here for more information.

September 27th 2017

Ctrip certifies 2- way XML integration with BookingAutomation

We are pleased to announce that Chinas leading OTA Ctrip partnered with BookingAutomation to offer XML connectivity. The new 2-way interface allows to automatically update their prices and inventory to Ctrip and import bookings into BookingAutomation in real time.

To set a connection up go to SETTINGS > CHANNEL MANAGER >CTRIP. For instructions click on HELP in the top right menu of this page.

August 4th 2017

Enhanced Daily Price Functions

Each room type can now have up to 10 daily prices. Each daily price can have occupancy and min stay rules and individual mapping to channels.

Daily prices can now be linked with offsets so adjusting the base price will auto update all the linked prices.

The new settings are available at SETTINGS > PROPERTIES > ROOMS > DAILY PRICES

July 13th 2017

Adjust Inventory sent to Channels

The menu SETTINGS -> CHANNEL MANAGER -> CHANNEL INVENTORY allows you to set the maximum number of bookings per date from selected channels.

You can close the room to new bookings or set a limit on the number of bookings you will accept.

For detailed instructions how to use this function click on HELP (top right menu) of the SETTINGS ->CHANNEL MANAGER-> CHANNEL INVENTORY page.

June 23rd 2017

New Booking Widgets

The new widget designer makes it easy to create custom booking widgets for your web sites. Key features are:

  • widgets for individual properties, individual rooms or multiple properties
  • booking strips, booking boxes
  • availability calendars for one or multiple months
  • over 30 languages
  • fully customisable

Visit our web site to see some of the almost unlimited options.

The new widget designer is available at [ SETTINGS->BOOKING ENGINE->BOOKING WIDGETS. For instructions please use the context help (? icons) and click on HELP (top right menu) of the page.

June 7th 2017

Booking Grid with drag and drop function

In the BOOKINGS menu you can now choose from three views. The new Booking Grid view shows all bookings and rooms in a grid. You can easily drag and drop bookings to move to a new room.

May 30th 2017

Price Export to Wimdu

We have upgraded our connection to now send a room price and minimum stay for every date. The data is sent via the existing iCal connection so if you are using Wimdu all you need to do is enable prices.

To enable Wimdu prices go to SETTINGS -> CHANNEL MANAGER -> WIMDU and tick "Prices" and save.

May 12th 2017

XML Interface with HomeAway Group

Property managers with five or more listings can use the XML connection for mayor HomeAway sites such as,,,, homdelidays,,

The connection needs to be requested from HomeAway. If HomeAway allows XML use you will be able to automatically update listings, prices and availability directly from BookingAutomation.

If you are interested please follow these instructions.

As an alternative to the XML interface we still offer the iCal based connection which can synchronise availability and bookings.

April 24th 2017

Two-Way Interface with Ostrovok now live

BookingAutomation connects to Russia’s leading and fastest growing online hotel booking channel. The interface allows you to send real-time rates and availability to Ostrovok and have bookings automatically delivered to BookingAutomation.

For detailed set up instructions see the Ostrovok help page.

April 4th 2017

New Booking import for Tripadvisor Vactation Rentals (Flipkey and Holidaylettings)

Tripadvisor now provides an export calendar which BookingAutomation can read to import bookings.

The iCal booking import can be setup in SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER->FLIPKEY. It will work for any Tripadvisor account that provides an export calendar.

This iCal booking import replaces the Holidaylettings email import which is now obsolete. If you are using the Holidaylettings email import, please switch to the iCal method.

March 25th 2017

Invoices for corporate clients or agencies

By default every booking (or group booking) has one invoice. A new function allows you to assign some or all of the invoice items to a specific invoicee or create multiple invoices per booking. For example:

  • Agents make bookings and pay for accommodation and guests pay for any extra items
  • Companies making bookings and pay for bookings for employees
  • Guests making multiple and or repeat bookings.

More information

March 15th 2017

Full Two-Way XML connection with Airbnb

We proudly announce that Airbnb has chosen BookingAutomation as interface partner.

More information.

February 13th 2017

Show features on your booking page

The responsive booking page can now show property and/or room features. Room features can be entered in SETTINGS->ROOMS->SETUP property features can be added in SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->DESCRIPTIONS.

To show the features you will need to activate the new features module in SETTINGS->BOOKING ENGINE->PAGE DESIGN->LAYOUT.

January 27th 2017

Connection with BookingSuite Rate Manager by

BookingAutomation and BookingSuite worked together to develop a two-way interface between BookingAutomation and BookingSuite’s revenue management solution RateManager.

Any pricing changes made within RateManager are instantly pushed to BookingAutomation. More information

January 5th 2017

Price Check added to "Add Bookings"

When you click on "Add Booking" you will now see a button "Price Check". When you click on it you can

  • see a list of all available rooms
  • also see unavailable rooms if you tick "Show unavailable"
  • see how the price/availability is calculated by clicking on the "Calculate" button
  • book a single room
  • book unavailable rooms or multiple rooms in one property by selecting the rooms and clicking on "Book Selected"

December 22nd 2016

Integration with Kashflow accounting software

BookingAutomation integrates with Kashflow accounting software. This allows you to automatically send invoice information from the booking to Kashflow.

For more information click here.

Click here to get a Kashflow account.

October 17th 2016

New dashboard available

Fully customisable - choose which content to display, where to display it, move and re-size of each component.

  • Components include booking reports with customisable columns, graphs, statistics, custom reports, notes and potential issues.
  • The quick check-in and check-out function allows guest check-in and check-out directly from the dashboard.
  • A housekeeping component makes housekeeping and room management easy.
  • Up to four different dashboards per account.

Click on the "Try" link to load the new dashboard. For more information visit the Dashboard help page.

Click on the the menu icon (right side of screen) to customise the new dashboard or return to the original dashboard. More information

October 12th 2016

New Functions Button

The new FUNCTIONS button in the top left menu of the control panel opens a page with links to the menu pages for key features and functions.

October 6th 2016

Integration with PriceLabs

This seamless integration allows BookingAutomation customers to push PriceLabs data-driven pricing to their own web site and to their booking channels.

PriceLabs algorithm uses data from multiple sources such as occupancy, weather, tourist demand, special events, and historical booking trends to calculate nightly rates that can improve occupancy and and revenue. For more information click here

September 23rd 2016

Interface with trivago is live

The interface with trivago Direct Connect allows hotels to advertise their rates and run cost-per-click (CPC) marketing campaigns on trivago. For activation and set up instructions go to SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER -> TRIVAGO. Click here for more information.

August 22nd 2016

Deposit Payment Options Update

We have modernized the deposit payment page with an accordion system to better support multiple payment gateways.

Each payment gateway can have it's own title and text instruction. New options for "Offline Payment", "Credit Card" and "Custom Payment Gateway" are also available.

If you are using deposit collection on your booking page we recommend you check the new display format, especially if you:

  • allow more than one payment option
  • have offline payment (custom instruction) activated
  • have applied custom CSS to the page

For more information visit the help page for Deposit Collection.

August 15th 2016

New Room Management functions

You can now generate a report which also contains the notes about a unit and set up an Auto Action which automatically changes the status of a room when a guest arrives or departs. See this help page for more information.

August 11th 2016

Use externally hosted pictures on your booking page

Instead of or additionally to pictures uploaded to BookingAutomation you can now also use externally hosted pictures. External pictures have to be hosted securely (HTTPS not HTTP). The menu is available in SETTINGS->BOOKING ENGINE->PICTURES->EXTERNAL. For more information have a look here.

Aug 5th 2016

Upgrade for Custom Reports

A range of new options have been added to the custom reports. When you go to REPORTS->CUSTOM REPORTS you will these new options in the list of "Available Columns".

  • "Upsell Items" - this allows you to generate reports for one or multiple upesell items which you have set up in SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->UPSELL ITEMS.
  • "Extra Invoice Items" - this allows you to generate reports for one or multiple extras which you have set up in SETTINGS->GUEST MANAGEMENT->INVOICES.
  • "Invoice Status Values" - this allows you to generate reports for the "Status" you have entered in the "Charges and Payments" tab of the booking.

June 14th 2016

Search function for manually added bookings

When you manually add a booking you can now search for repeat guests. The search looks for matches in the guest database. A click on the guest will enter the information from the guest database into the booking.

This function is available in the Price Wizard. If you are not using the Price Wizard you can activate it by changing the setting for "Add New Bookings" in SETTINGS->ACCOUNT->PREFERENCES.

May 2nd 2016

Upgrade for the Facebook APP

The Facebook App can now also display the multi property booking page.

Unfortunately Facebook does currently not show custom tabs on mobile. We suggest you add a "Book Now" Call-to-Action button which will also display on mobile devices.

For more information have a look here.

April 25th 2016

New "Info" Tab for Bookings

The new "Info" tab show a summary of the booking information and if the booking comes from a channel important channel information.

You can quickly add "Info Codes" from a pre set list or manual notes. These info codes can be used in custom reports to show or hide selected bookings.

The tab is fully customisable or can be hidden. For more information have a look here.

Report invalid credit cards and no-shows to

You can not report invalid cards and no-shows directly from the "Details" tab of the booking.

April 8th 2016

Room Management

When you look a the CALENDAR you will see that we have added a "Status" option for all units. This allows you to set a status for each unit and/or add a note. The status pre sets can be customised so you can use your own criteria to mark a unit. See this help page for more information.

March 22nd 2016

Upgrades to bookings

1. Additional functions for all bookings:

  • All upsell items be selected as from a drop down list in the “Charges and Payments” tab.
  • Those of you who work with sub accounts will now also see all auto actions set up in the sub account as manual auto actions in the “Mail” tab.
  • When you split a booking you and now choose to copy or not copy charges.

2. Manually added bookings:

  • You can now select each which offer should apply.
  • You can create "internal" prices which are only available in the control panel but not for online bookings. This tutorial explains how to create internal prices.

March 11th 2016

Hostelbookers interface live now

We can now sync with your Hostelbookers listing. If you are already connected to Hostelworld there is nothing else you need to do. For a new connection go to SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER->HOSTELBOOKERS. For instructions click on HELP.

February 2016

New Group Booking Functions

You can now perform bulk changes on group bookings. For more information see help page.

February 13th 2016

Display of last booked date

We have added a new setting to change the display. When you go to SETTINGS->ACCOUNT->PREFERENCES you can change "Show Booking End Date" to "Check-out".

February 9th 2016

FLIPKEY - Important Upgrade information ACTION REQUIRED

We have received confirmation from Flipkey that they will make their XML available to us to update their calendar for Flipkey customers with 5 or more bookings.

The XML only allows calendar updates. We are planning to introduce a method of parsing booking emails to import Flipkey bookings in the near future.

January 15th 2016

Additional Template Variables

We have added a number of new template variables amongst them smart mathematical template variables and template variables to create custom date formats. For a complete list click here.

January 13th 2016

BookingAutomation has been appointed Preferred IT Provider status with

We are very proud of this recognition of the quality of our services. Amongst the criteria measure are performance, reliability and quality of the interface as well as agility, flexibility and the ability to adapt to innovations.

January 4th 2016

Responsive Booking Page Beta Test

We have created a new responsive booking page which is more mobile friendly. The use of modules allows you to control the screen position and hide specific items from the mobile view to keep it clean and uncluttered. This demo page shows a few of the many options.

If you want to give it a go please see these instructions. Please note that if you change to the new “Responsive” design your live booking page will immediately change. You can always change back to your original booking page at any time.

Dec 21st 2015

Synchronisation with Hotelbeds

BookingAutomation now integrates with Hotelbeds. For more information see the Hotelbeds help page.

December 1st 2015

Assign unique consecutive invoice numbers

You can now assign a unique consecutive invoice number for each booking by clicking on "Assign Invoice Number" in the "Invoice" tab of the booking. Invoice numbers are generated per account or sub account. The default starting number is 1 and it will increment with each assignment. The starting number can be changed at SETTINGS->ACCOUNT->PREFERENCES "Next Invoice Number". The invoice number can be displayed or printed with the template variable [INVOICENUMBER].

Nov 21st 2015

Channel Management with Homeaway/VBRO

A specially constructed Ical based connection can now keep Homeaway/VBRO calendars synchronised. For more information please see the Homeaway/VBRO Ical help page .

Nov 3rd 2015

Use Auto Actions to trigger SMS messages

A newly added function allows to trigger SMS messages to a fixed phone number. To set this up go to SETTINGS->GUEST MANAGEMENT->AUTO ACTIONS.

Oktober 6th 2015

Yield Optimiser

The newly added yield optimiser can adjust prices up or down based on remaining availability and time to arrival. For more information go to SETTINGS->YIELD OPTIMISER and the yield optimiser help page.

September 29th 2015

Currency Conversion

Smart template variables are now available to auto convert the values from the booking into another currency.

August 26th 2015

TripConnect Instant Booking now available

BookingAutomation is now certified as a TripConnect™ Premium Partner. All BookingAutomation users who are eligible can now accept direct booking from TripAdvisor using using TripConnect™ Instant Booking. For more information please see these instructions.

August 18th 2015

Channel Manager Updates up to 2 Years in Advance

The channel manager can now update up to two years of data on channels which support this.

June 23th 2015

New Channel Management Connections with 9flats and Housetrip

Specially constructed connections can now keep Housetrip and 9flats calendars synchronised. For more information please see the 9flats help page and the Housetrip help page.

June 12th 2015

New Group Booking Functions

Bookings can now be easily grouped together to create a combined invoice. The new functions are on the "Invoice" tab of the bookings pop up window. For more information please check this help page.

June 1st 2015

Control Panel gets a facelift

We have redesigned the control panel to make it easier for you to use:

  • The blue bar at the top of each page contains links to all help functions.
  • An "Add Booking" button and a search field will shortly be available on the top right of every page.
  • Buttons now have colors and icons indicating which actions they perform.
  • REPORTS can now be accessed directly from the top menu. The "Reports" menu in SETTINGS has been removed.

May 20th 2015

Automatically Recalculate Price and Auto Populate Invoice Description

Two new functions have been added to the "Invoice" tab of bookings:

  • The "Recalculate Price and Charges" button allows you to recalculate the price after you have made changes in the booking (for example changed dates).
  • Template variables can now be used to insert information from the booking into the invoice description. To customise your description go to SETTINGS->GUEST MANAGEMENT->INVOICE" Invoice Description". If left blank the default description will be the room name followed by check-in and check-out dates.

April 20th 2015

Split Bookings for multiple rooms

The new "Split" function in the invoice tab of a booking can be used to split a booking for multiple rooms into separate bookings so each can be assigned to an individual room. All split bookings will be linked so they can be easily managed.

April 17th 2015

New Override functions in the CALENDAR

Use the daily override function in the control panel CALENDAR to disallow arrivals and/or departures on specific days without closing the room to guests staying through. For more information please see the help page for the CALENDAR.

March 20th 2015

Upgrade Price Check Tool

If you can not work out where a price is coming from or why no price is displayed the "Price Check Tool" will show you the prices and rules which apply to a certain booking condition. Links to open the tool are available on the RATES, CALENDAR and SUPPORT pages.

March 11th 2015

Weekly Rates

The new setting "Prices per" allows you to create rates for weeks, month or other periods. Have a look here for instructions. Jan 19th 2015

Killer Rates

A new setting has been added to the rates. If you set "Strategy" = "Do not Allow Any other Rates" this rate will override any other rates. This allows you to quickly adjust your rates for certain periods.

Jan 12th 2015

Atraveo added to the Channel Manager

Happy to announce the latest addition to the channel manager. To connect go to SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER->ATRAVEO.

Dec 18th 2014

Guest Database

The newly added Guest Database lets you to not only view a guests previous and upcoming bookings but also store additional information, preferences and add bookings using the guests data. Click on GUESTS to use the functions.

December 10th 2014

Security Alert

You might have read about security issues around phishing in the hospitality industry.

Criminals are gaining access to guest data and using it to contact the guests asking for full payment in advance. The guest thinks it is the hotel and transfers the money to the criminal.

All the criminal needs is the email address or contact information for the guest. Read here how criminals are gaining access to guest data and how you can protect yourself.

December 10th 2014

Tripadvisor Review Express now available

Automatically upload your booking contacts to Tripadvisor and Tripadvisor will contact your guest asking for a review of their stay a few days after check-out. You can cancel a review request being sent to any guest up to and including check-out day. Opt in to the service in the menu SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER-> TRIPADVISOR. For more information please use the setup instructions.

November 18th 2014

Customisable Reports

You can now create and store custom reports at the menu SETTINGS->REPORTS->CUSTOM REPORTS.

October 1st 2014

VAT Invoices

If your prices include VAT you can now generate invoices showing how much VAT is included. The default VAT can be set in SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->BOOKING RULES. The template variable for a VAT invoice is [INVOICETABLEVAT].

September 11th 2014

Norwegian and Slowenian added to the booking page

The multi language function can be activated in SETTINGS->ACCOUNT->LANGUAGES

September 5th 2014

Mobile Friendly Control Panel

After you logged in today you might have noticed the control panel looks slightly different. The reason is improved mobile use. We will keep working on this and keep you posted on the upgrades.

August 20th 2014

Upgrade to Booking Page Logs

The booking page logs have been upgraded showing more detail on the activities on your booking page. The new "Export" function lets you download the data so you can analyse the data further.

August 5th 2014

Resend Booking Confirmation

The booking confirmation to guests is now listed in the "Mail" tab of the booking. You can see when it was sent and resend it if required. This function is available for all bookings.

July 9th 2014

Customise Host Notifications

You can customise the host notification now. In SETTINGS->ACCOUNT->HOST NOTIFICATIONS you will now have a field where you can use template variables to add more information to the notification Email.

July 6th 2014

Accept Bitcoins We can offer you two new options to collect deposits:

  • Accept Bitcoin
  • Add a custom payment link to ask for a cheque or bank transfer

The new functions are available in SETTINGS-> PROPERTIES-> DEPOSIT COLLECTION

June 18th 2014

Major Upgrades to the CALENDAR

You might have already noticed that we have added new functions to the CALENDAR:

  • Min Stay: Set a minimum stay
  • Price Mulitplier: Adjust all rates by a percentage
  • Occupancy per property

Have a look here for a complete overview on all the functions (view and add bookings, view rates, block out dates, add notes).

Danish added to the booking page

The multi language function can be activated in SETTINGS->ACCOUNT->LANGUAGES

June 16h 2014

Stripe added Payment Processing Options

With Stripe we are offering another option to collect deposit payments. Stripe allows you to collect outstanding amounts. Once a payment is successfully collected further charges can be made to the customer's card via Stripe. The menu for this is available on the Booking -> Invoice Tab.

June 4th 2014

More Options to Quickly Adjust Prices

When you go to the CALENDAR you will see two new options:

Minimum Stay: Sets a minimum number of nights stay for bookings which include a stay on this night. This minimum stay value cannot be lower than that set for the room. When left empty the minimum stay set for the room will be applied.

Price Mulitplier: Applies between 50% and 250% to all prices on this day. The adjustment will affect both your booking page and channel management prices.

May 23rd 2014

Enquiry Form Widget

We have created a new widget which allows you to embed an enquiry form into your web site. It gives guests the option to send you a message with their booking request. The new widget is available in SETTINGS->BOOKING ENGINE->BOOKING WIDGETS->ENQUIRY FORM.

May 9th 2014 now connected

Happy to announce the latest addition to the channel manager.

May 1st 2014

Add New Booking Wizard

We have made adding a manual booking more comfortable. The new functionality lets you auto insert rates and add extras and calculates the price based on your rates and booking rules.

Guest Registration Form

A new template has been added which lets you print a booking with custom information. The default is a guest registration form but you can change it to suit your needs. Customisation can be done in SETTING->GUEST MANAGEMENT-> BOOKING TEMPLATES. Forms can be printed directly from the booking.

Hide Unavailable Rooms or set Room Order on your Booking Page

The new setting is available in SETTINGS->BOOKING ENGINE->PAGE DESIGN "Room Order".

April 25th 2014

New option for template Emails

When you open a template Email (SETTINGS->GUEST MANAGEMENT->EMAIL TEMPLATES ) you will see two new settings: "Send to Guest" and "Cc Email Address". These allow you for example to create templates to send:

  • to guests cc staff
  • to staff or third parties only

April 16th 2014

Gap Filler

With the "Gap Filler" rate strategy you can create a special rate which is only allowed if less than a certain number of consecutive nights have availability. This allows you to accept bookings for less nights than your normal minimum stay when you have gaps. More information

April 15th 2014

Finnish, Russian and Swedish added to the booking page

The booking page is now available in 15 languages. The multi language function can be activated in SETTINGS-> ACCOUNT-> LANGUAGES

March 14h 2014

Allow Enquiries when Your Booking Page Shows no Availabiilty

If you enable "Allow Enquiries" in a rate the booking page will show a link to an with the text "Enquire" linking to a form instead of --- . The enquiry form will only be available between the start and end dates of this rate and if no price can be found but the room is not fully booked. To give you maximum control the new function can be activated per rate.

You can set a custom text to display before the entry fields in SETTINGS->BOOKING ENGINE->CONTENT.

To see an example have a look at our demo page.

March 10th 2014

New Functions for Email Templates

Many of you are use template Emails to send out payment requests. To make this more comfortable we have added the option to the invoice balance.

Feb 26th 2014

Hostelworld has been Added to the Channel Manager

You can now sync your rates and availability with Hostelworld.

Feb 20th 2014

Booking Information can be Added to iCal Export

The "Help" in SETTINGS-> CHANNEL MANAGER -> iCAL Export explains how to set it up.

Daily Price Import and Export added to API

The API can now also import and export daily prices (not rates). To access the API go to

Tablet Hotels has been added to the Channel Manager

Tablet Hotels is now channel management partner. The two way connectivity will keep your rates and inventory synchronised.

Jan 10th 2014

Budgetplaces hast been added to the Channel Manager

Budgetplaces experts for 1, 2 & 3 star hotels, hostels, apartments and bed & breakfasts worldwide is our latest channel management partner. The two way connectivity will keep your rates and inventory synchronised.

Dec 11th 2013

Display Average Prices per Night and/or Prices per Person

Two new settings in SETTINGS -> BOOKING ENGINE -> DESIGN allow you to choose between a price display per room or (NEW) per person and show the summary as the total or as (NEW) average price per night.

Nov. 25, 2013

Improved Discount Codes

We have just released the upgrade for the discount codes. You set the code in SETTINGS -> BOOKING ENGINE -> VOUCHER CODES. When you open a RATE and go to the tab "Discounts" you have now the option to deselect discount codes for this rate. This allows you to apply discount codes only to booking which fulfill certain conditions.

Nov. 07, 2013

TripConnect - BookingAutomation is "Premium Committed" partner

We have a working API with TripConnect and we on their list of "Premium Committed" partners. We can connect our users on an opt-in basis.

Your information will only be sent to Tripadvisor if you give us permission to do so. To enable the connection go to SETTINGS -> CHANNEL MANAGER -> TRIP CONNECT enter your Tripadvisor Business Account Number and tick the rooms you want to send.

  • Please make sure your complete "LOCATION and CONTACT" information is entered in SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES -> DESCRIPTION.
  • The currency send to TripConnect is defined in SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES -> DEPOSIT COLLECTION

If you have trouble finding us on Tripadvisor look for "BookingAutomation Systems". If you have any problems please get in touch with your Tripadvisor rep and let us know.

Oct. 25, 2013

New Feature: Same Day Booking Cut off

The new feature allows you to set up to which time you accept bookings for the same day. To use this feature go to SETTINGS -> BOOKING RULES. The setting will make your rooms unavailable for online booking after this time if check-in is today.

It works in conjunction with your account timezone as set in ACCOUNT settings.

The availability cut off will be sent to channels via the channel manager but depending on the channel there may be some delay before it is effective.

Oct. 24, 2013

New Options for your Booking Page

We have added new options to customise your booking page. You can define the content you display and choose from:

  • show an availability calendar for each room or unit
  • keep it simple - just pictures, description and price
  • display a full price table - if you want to add rack rates

Look here for a tutorial.

Sept. 30, 2013

Import bookings from iCal

The new iCal import allows you s to import bookings or block dates into the online booking system using an external iCal or google calendar.

Sept 27, 2013

Setup Wizards

Our new Setup Wizards are designed to help setting up and customising the system. Click here or use the link on the SUPPORT page.

Sept 12, 2013

BookingAutomation is TripConnect Premium Partner

We have been announced as TripConnect Premium partner for TripAdvisor’s new platform. TripConnect will be a new way for hotels and B&Bs to generate incremental bookings by participating in Hotel Price Comparison and self-managing their online advertising campaigns using TripConnect’s unique bid management platform. The service will start in September. If you are interested in connection send us a message via SUPPORT.

Aug 30, 2013

Template Emails

There are new functions for template emails. Mails can be created for bookings and set for manual or automatic sending. The mails are created in the guest management menu and can be sent from the mail tab of each booking.

Aug 21, 2013

Booking Change Log

Changes to bookings can be viewed on the LOG tab of each booking. The old and new values and the time of the change are shown.

Jul 28, 2013

Change Default Text

You can exchange any of the default text on the booking page e.g. change "Check-in" to "Arrival". The new setting is in SETTINGS -> BOOKING ENGINE -> DEVELOPERS "Custom Text"

Jul 24, 2013

Diary Function

We have added a diary function to the calendar view within the control panel.

To add a diary entry click on any day/date displayed on the property name line, for example "Wed 10". A text area will pop up and your notes will be saved to that property and date. An icon will appear with the date to indicate there is a diary entry and you can view it by hovering the mouse over the date. Clicking will allow you to edit the text, to remove it completely simply delete the text and save.

Jul 08, 2013

Flag Bookings with Text and Colour

Each booking has a Flag text and a Flag colour. These can be used to quickly draw attention to bookings with a special status.

The text and colour can be entered on the edit booking pop-up window.

We have now added a flag selector which can be pre-populated with your own text and colour combinations to make setting the Flag an easy one step process.

Create your own preset flag options at SETTINGS -> ACCOUNT -> PREFERENCES. Add one option per line and an optional colour code after a comma.The colour code is the same 6 character HTML code the colour selector creates for any colour (without the #). A google for "HTML COLOR CODE" will return lots of colour code examples.

Jul 08, 2013

New option for children

In SETTINGS >> PROPERTIES -> ROOMS -> SETUP you can set the number of children to "None", this will make the room un-bookable if any children are selected. If you set the number of children to "Dont Ask", children will be allowed at the adult price.

Jul 08, 2013

New Payment Processing Options

The system now integrates with leading payment gateways. Authorize.Net and Paymill can be used to collect credit card payments from guests. Alteratively hosts can securly collect credit card details and charge outside the system or use PayPal.

Juli 2nd 2013

Wordpress Plugin 1.1

The plugin has been updated. New settings allow easy customisation to fit booking widgets or availability calenders seamlessly into any website or blog.

June 30th 2013

Mobile friendly Booking Page

The new booking page is now adaptive/responsive. On mobiles it will automatically open in a mobile view.

May 26th 2013

Travelocity, and Zuji have been added to the Channel Manager

Travelocity, one of the worlds leading online travel sites has certified as channel partner. BookingAutomation´s channel manager now offers a two way connectivity to Travelocity, and Zuji.

May 15th 2013

New Booking Page

The completely new designed booking page offers new features including

  • option to book multiple rooms
  • offer rooms at different prices
  • fully customisable booking confirmations
  • improved multi language options

March 30th 2013

Relaunch Control Panel

The control panel has been completely redesigned. The responsive design makes it easier to manage bookings and inventory from tablets and mobile devices.

Both systems will keep running but future development will be done in the new system only. To change between systems:

-In the old control panel go to ADMIN -> OWNER and change the setting to "New control panel" then SAVE -In the new control panel go to SETTINGS-> ACCOUNT -> PREFERENCES and change the setting to "Old control panel" then SAVE

There is a "Quick Tour" for the new control panel which might help you to get familiar with it. You can activate it in SUPPORT clicking on "Quick Tour"

Feb 25th 2013

Google Calendar Sync

See your booking calendar on your Google calendar. Works on your PC, mobile, tablet and in any ical format calendar program.

Dec 14th 2012

WordPress Plugin

We have created a plugin for WordPress sites to show your booking page and booking widgets directly in your WordPress pages. The plugin allows you to embed the complete secure booking form or add small widgets to your pages. You can see an example in our blog.

Oct 25th 2012

getBookings API

For the developers and hobby programmers out there we now have a public API to download your bookings. Booking and the related invoice information is available in XML format. XML is a standard data format which can be opened by MS excel and many other programs. The XML fields are self explanatory.

The URL is

You can manually enter your username, password and optional date fields and save the resulting XML file to your computer.

It is also possible to automate the process by using a program to post the fields and parse the result.

May 01, 2012