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This page is about the menu {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > NUKI

To use this service you will need an account with

Contact us if you want to participate in the beta test.

For BookingAutomation the normal channel manager fees apply.


  • BookingAutomation can send booking data to Nuki locks.


  • Currently only keypad authentication is supported.

Set Up

  • Click on "Connect to Nuki".
  • Sign in with your Nuki account if prompted.
  • Click "Allow" to let BookingAutomation view and manage your Nuki account and locks.

Nuki auth.png view large

  • The "Start Time" and "End Time" define the earliest Check-in time and latest Check-out time.
  • The "Days in Advance" sets the days before check-in that the booking is sent to the lock.
  • Click on "Get Codes"

You will see one identifier and name for each lock. Click on the name of the lock that is associated with the room.

Nuki mapping.png view large

How it works

Bookings are sent to locks "Days in Advance" prior to check-in.

  • An entry code/user named Booking:{booking number} is added to the lock, viewable at or in the Nuki app.
  • A booking info code named NUKI_PIN is created which will show the pin number valid for the booking.

Updates are sent periodically. To instantly send updates, click "Send Bookings to Locks". If the keypad code, booking dates, or room changes, those details will be sent to locks.

If a booking is cancelled the associated entry code will be deleted from locks.

Entry codes/users can only be used during the booking period, they will not provide access before or after.

 Note: If a Nuki lock is offline when an update is sent, the entry code will not be added until the lock comes online again.

Manually changing pins

  1. Navigate to Account, Preferences, Bookings, and add "NUKI_PIN" to your Booking Info Code Values.
  2. You can now manually add a NUKI_PIN info code to your bookings.

Nuki set pin.png view large

Nuki pin limitations

Nuki keypad codes must:

  1. Be exactly six digits long.
  2. Not contain the number zero.
  3. Not start with "12".
 Note: If you manually set an invalid NUKI_PIN, it will be overwritten with a randomly generated pin the next time bookings are sent to locks.

Information sent to guests

Keypad codes

  • For keypad entry code bookings, Nuki does not send any information to guests.

App access

(not currently supported)

  • For app access bookings, Nuki will automatically send an email to guests that provides access via the Nuki app.
  • Guests have 48 hours to accept the invitation.
  • There is no way to resend a Nuki app invitation if a guest does not accept it in time. However, you may go to, select Devices, click the desired smartlock, go to the Users tab, then find the booking and click delete. You can then visit the BookingAutomation Nuki integration tool and click "Send bookings to Locks" to make Nuki send a new invitation to the guest.

Nuki delete user.png view large


Click on "Disconnect" to terminate the connection.