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 This page is about the menu {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > NUKI

For BookingAutomation the normal channel manger fees apply.


  • BookingAutomation can send booking data to Nuki locks.
  • Auto-Check-in: when a lock is first opened by the guest the info code "CHECKIN" will be added to the booking.


  • Nuki smartlocks can store a maximum of 100 entry codes at a time.
  • Booking names in Nuki smartlocks have a maximum length of 20 characters and guest names may be cut off. This will not be visible to guests, only users with access to Nuki web will be able to view booking names.

What you need

To use this service you will need:

  • At least one Nuki Smart Lock.
  • A account.

Using keypad codes requires a Nuki keypad to be setup.

Set Up

Step 1: Connect your Nuki Account

  • Click on "Connect to Nuki".
  • Sign in with your Nuki account if prompted.
  • Click "Allow" to let BookingAutomation view and manage your Nuki account and locks.

Nuki auth.png view large

Step 2: Set when bookings should send to locks

  • The "Start Time" and "End Time" define the earliest Check-in time and latest Check-out time.
  • The "Days in Advance" sets the days before check-in that the booking is sent to the lock.

Step 3: Map your locks to your rooms

  • Click on "Get Codes"

You will see one identifier and name for each lock.

If you have a common door with a Nuki lock i.e. a front door or a gate map the applicable code enter the code for this lock in "Common Lock" Click on the name of the lock that is associated with the door.

Leave this field blank if you do not have a common lock.

Nuki mapping1.png view large

For each room/unit click on the name of the lock that is associated with the room.

Nuki mapping.png view large

Step 4: Set up an Auto Action Email to send the PIN to guests

  • Create an Auto Action Email which includes the template variable for the pin which is [BOOKINGINFOCODETEXT:NUKI_PIN].

Step 5: Activation

  • Tick "Code" if you grant access via keypad
  • Tick "App" if you grand access via the Nuki app
  • Tick "Code" and "App" if you grant access both via keypad and via the Nuki app

How it works


Bookings are automatically sent to locks the number of "Days in Advance" prior to check-in which you have selected.

Entry codes/users can only be used during the booking period, they will not provide access before or after.

  • Updates to locks are sent periodically. To instantly send updates, click "Send Bookings to Locks".
  • An entry code/user named Booking:{booking number} is added to the lock. Click on the "View Bookings in Locks" button to check which bookings have already been sent. You can also see bookings on or in the Nuki app.
  • A booking info code named NUKI_PIN is created on the "Info" tab of the booking, this will show the access code for the booking.
  • If a keypad code, booking date, or room changes, those details will be sent to locks.
  • If a booking is cancelled, the associated entry code or user will be deleted from locks.
  • The associated entry code or user of a booking sent from BookingAutomation will be removed one day after check-out.

{{#fas:exclamation-triangle}} If a Nuki lock is offline when an update is sent, the entry code will not be added until the lock comes online again.

App and code entry methods

There are two ways bookings can be sent to locks: app and code. You can select one or both methods.

App entry

If the "App' tickbox is selected, bookings will be sent to locks as users.

  • Nuki will send guests an email containing an invitation, guests who accept this invitation will be able to unlock the Nuki lock using the Nuki app.
  • Guests have 48 hours to accept the invitation.
  • There is no way to resend a Nuki app invitation if a guest does not accept it in time. However, you may go to, select Devices, click the desired smartlock, go to the Users tab, then find the booking and click delete. You can then visit the BookingAutomation Nuki integration at {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) APPS & INTEGRATIONS > NUKI and click "Send bookings to Locks". This will cause Nuki to create a new user and send a new invitation to the guest.
  • When the user is deleted from the lock, Nuki will send an email to the guest informing them that they no longer have access to the lock.

Nuki delete user.png view large

Code entry

If the "Code" tickbox is selected, bookings will be sent to locks as entry codes.

Guests will need to enter these codes on a Nuki keypad to unlock the associated Nuki lock.

Manually changing codes

  1. Navigate to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) ACCOUNT > PREFERENCES "Bookings" and add "NUKI_PIN" to your Booking Info Code Values.
  2. You can now manually add a NUKI_PIN info code to your bookings.

Nuki set pin.png view large

Nuki keypad codes must:

  1. Be exactly six digits long.
  2. Not contain the number zero.
  3. Not start with "12".
  4. Be unique to the lock.

{{#fas:exclamation-triangle}} If you manually set an invalid NUKI_PIN, it will be overwritten with a randomly generated pin the next time bookings are sent to locks. Each code can only be used once per lock. Before you can reuse a code it has to be removed from the lock.


Bookings are not being sent to locks and cannot be viewed by clicking the view bookings in locks button
Your account may not be properly authenticated.
1. Click "Disconnect"
2. Click "Connect to Nuki"
3. Sign in to your Nuki account if prompted and allow BookingAutomation access.


Click on "Disconnect" to terminate the connection.