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This page is about the menu SETTINGS->ACCOUNT->ACCOUNT ACCESS

Here you can change/set up:

  • Password
  • Administrator Email
  • API Access
With our API you can access your account from an external source.
There are three different types of API functions - CSV, XML and JSON. They require different methods of authorization:
  • CSV
Your BookingAutomation account username and password
  • XML
Your BookingAutomation account username and password
  • JSON
You need two special keys - one for the API itself and one for the property. The keys have to consist of 16 characters of your choosing.
  • API key
Settings > Account > Account Access > API Key 1:
API Key = my_very_secret_api_key
API Key Access = allow any IP
IP Whitelist = [leave empty]
Allow Writes = Yes
Property Access = Owned by this account only
  • Property key
Settings > Properties > Access > propKey = secret_key_for_prop_XXXXXX