Showing Different Prices for Different Users

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This page explains how to use show different prices on your booking page to different users

The prices shown on your booking page can be modified based on the referer field used to open the page or by including an agent code.

The widget or link used to open the booking page can include a referer or agent parameter to pass to the booking page when it opens.

The parameter is remembered for the session in that browser, usually until at least 15 minutes of inactivity or until the browser is closed.

Booking pages with referer discounts

For example

The referer value "abc" is recorded with any resulting bookings from this session.

The referer can also be used to modify the prices shown on the booking page.

A referer discount can be applied to rates. On each rate, on the DISCOUNT tab is a section called referer discounts.

Whenever the booking page is opened with a matching Referer Code, the specified discount will be applied.

Enter the referer code value ("abc in our example") and any combination of Percent, Per Night or Once Off discounts.

Booking pages with agent rates

If you want to create booking pages with completely different rates you can create special "Agent" rates.

1. Create rates

Go to RATES and click on "Add Rate" set up your prices. In the "Channels" tab of the rate tick only " - agents" (NOT

2. Create agent booking page

Rates set for the - agent channel will be shown only if the booking page is opened with the &agent=AGENT_CODE parameter in the URL The value of AGENT_CODE can be set uniquely for each property in SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->BOOKING RULES.

For example if the agent code is set to "specialuser" the url would be like