Special Rate for Agents

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This page explains how to create special rates for a certain group without displaying them on the regular website. 

1. Create Rates

  • Create a RATE and set the prices and booking rules.
  • In the "Channels" tab of the rate tick only "www.BookingAutomation.com - agents" (NOT www.BookingAutomation.com or channels)

2. Booking Page

Rates set for the - agent channel will be shown only if the booking page is opened with the &agent=AGENT_CODE parameter in the URL The value of AGENT_CODE can be set uniquely for each property in SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES->BOOKING RULES ->Agent Booking Page >


You want to create special rates for AgentA

Go to SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES-> BOOKING RULES -> Agent Booking Page > and add AgentA into the field for "Agent Code". Then add the agency code in the format &agent=AGENT_CODE_SETTING to the URL of your booking page.

Example: Your booking page is: https://www.BookingAutomation.com/booking2.php?propid=13208

Your agency code is: AgentA

Your agency URL is: https://www.BookingAutomation.com/booking2.php?propid=13208&agent=AgentA

Multiple Agents

If required a special referrer discount can be entered in the "Discounts" tab of the rate.