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Specific Content for Airbnb Airbnb
This page is about the menu {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > AIRBNB > SPECIFIC CONTENT

Airbnb specifics

On this menu you can enter and set Airbnb specific values.

Use the context help {{#far:question-circle}} for information on each setting.

If you made changes go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > AIRBNB > MAPPING and click "Update" to send the changes to Airbnb.

{{#fas:lightbulb}} If your sync type is "Prices and Availibilty" only "Pricing" and taxes and fees will send. Other information is considered content and can be set in Airbnb.

House Rules and Children

If you do not allow children and/or infants Airbnb requires a textual explanation.

For house rules you can optionally add a textual description. The house rules plus (if you want to send) their descriptions can be entered in SETTINGS -> CHANNEL MANAGER -> AIRBNB.COM -> SPECIFIC CONTENT "Custom".

Rule Description
REQUIRESSTAIRS Must climb stairs. Describe the stairs (for example, how many flights).
POTENTIALNOISE Potential for noise. Describe the noise and when it’s likely to take place.
LIMITEDPARKING No parking on property. Describe the parking situation around the listing.
SHAREDSPACES Some spaces are shared. Describe the spaces the guests will share.
LIMITEDAMENITIES Amenity limitations. Describe an amenity or service that’s limited, such as weak wifi or limited hot water.
SURVEILLANCE Surveillance or recording devices on property. Describe any device that records or sends video, audio, or still images. Specify each device’s location and whether it will be on or off.
WEAPONS Weapons on property. Describe any weapons (firearms, airguns, tasers, etc.), their location, and how they’re secured.
ANIMALS Dangerous animals on property. Describe any domesticated or wild animals that could be a health or safety risk to guests or other animals.
HASPETS Pet(s) live on property. Describe the pets.

Fees & Taxes

Taxes and fees supported by Airbnb can be sent as CUSTOM value. If you apply a linen fee Airbnb will add this to the cleaning fee.

If you want to send taxes click on "Check if you are eligible to send taxes". Airbnb allows you to send taxes you can set them under "Custom". Please click on the context help {{#far:question-circle}} for "Custom" for detailed instructions

{{#fas:exclamation-triangle}} If you have a price multiplier in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > AIRBNB, > MAPPING this will also be applied to the Cleaning fee and Security deposit. If you want to over ride this, then use a CUSTOM value in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > AIRBNB > SPECIFIC CONTENT.