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This page shows a links to useful functions

Use Booking Automation on your mobile

Customise the display of rates and daily prices in the CALENDAR

Customise which information is displayed on your dashboards

Customise the information you collect from guests

Drag and drop bookings to quickly change a room

Prevent accidental changes to room assignments

Add bookings made over the phone or from walk-ins

Manage group bookings

Close rooms to make them unavailable

Split bookings to create separate bookings

Automatically send Emails to guests

Automatically send payment requests to guests

Allow guests to pay with bitcoin

Automatically adjust prices based on predefined rules

Use the diary function to keep notes for specific dates

Make your booking page blend seamlessly into your web site

Show your features on your booking page

Show a Google map on your booking page

Use the widget designer to create custom booking widgets for your web site

Allow guests to view and cancel bookings

Adjust inventory sent to channels

Create invoices for corporate guests or agents

Create additional logins with specific roles to manage access rights for staff members

Track the origin of bookings

Send a proposal or quote

Get more bookings by showing more availability

Send invoices via Email

Use info codes to record information in a booking.

Lock invoices after you have assigned an invoice number.

Report invalid cards or no-shows directly from the booking in Booking Automation to

Generate custom reports for meals, transfers and other special requests from Guests.

Use Template Variables and Smart Template Variables to automatically add information from the booking and to communication with guests.

Automatically assign invoice numbers.

Connect your favourite apps via Integromat.

Connect to Mailchimp.

Use template variables in custom reports to calculate data.

Enhance the display of bookings in the CALENDAR with icons.

Fill gaps in the calendar

Auto top up rooms

Sell rooms at different constellations

Sell extras

Use voucher codes

Offer multiple price/booking options

Offer gift certificates

Create custom charts and graphs for your dashboard