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VRBO /Homeaway iCal
This page is about the menu {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) CHANNEL MANAGER > VRBO ICAL and explains synchronise calendars with your VRBO/ Homeaway calendar.  



  • BookingAutomation can export inventory.
  • BookingAutomation can import bookings.
  • BookingAutomation can import booking modifications.
  • BookingAutomation can import booking cancellations.

For details please click here

{{#fas:lightbulb}} We also have a certified XML connection which is more reliable. You should only use iCal if you are not eligible to the the API connection.


  • Prices cannot be exported and must be set in the VRBO/Homeaway system.
  • VRBO/Homeaway initiate the inventory update of their calendar, we cannot control how often they update their calendar.
  • Past bookings are not imported.
  • Guest email addresses are not imported.
  • You might still need to log into VRBO/Homeaway and press "Update" in the calendar settings so VRBO/Homeaway registers that you are maintaining your listing.

Before you connect


Even though prices are not sent you need valid prices in BookingAutomation so we can send availability.

Rooms and room types

If you have room types with a quantity greater than one in other channels you can set up virtual roooms

What you will need

You need to save the BookingAutomation "Import Calendar (Inventory)" URL into the VRBO/Homeaway Calendar Import so VRBO/Homeaway can update their calendar from BookingAutomation.

You need to save VRBO/Homeaway's Export Calendar URL into the "Export Calendar (Bookings)" setting so BookingAutomation can import VRBO/Homeaway bookings.


Export Inventory to VRBO/Homeaway

We have no control over how often VRBO/Homeaway update calendars. 
  • Tick the Inventory checkbox to make your BookingAutomation availability calendar available to VRBO/Homeaway and save.
  • Copy the " Import Calendar (Inventory)" URL from the VRBO/Homeaway Channel Manager page in BookingAutomation.
  • Log into VRBO/Homeaway and go to "Calendar".
  • Click on the calendar icon in the top right of the calendar
  • Click on "Calendar Import"
  • Paste the BookingAutomation Calendar URL where requested in VRBO/Homeaway

Import Bookings to BookingAutomation

  • To import bookings tick the Bookings check box and save.
  • Log into VRBO/Homeaway and go to "Calendar".
  • Click on the calendar icon in the top right of the calendar
  • Click on "Calendar Export"
  • Copy the URL listed for "Export Calendar"
  • Paste the VRBO/Homeaway Export Calendar URL into the "Export Calendar (Bookings)" setting on the VRBO/Homeaway Channel Manager settings page in BookingAutomation and save.
  • If you do not want to import "Requests" into BookingAutomation set "Booking Requests" = ignore.

Common Errors

We were not able to connect to that calendar service. Please check the URL you entered and try again.
*check that "Inventory" is ticked. 
*double check the link is correct. 


  • Unticking "Inventory" and "Bookings" will stop the synchronisation for a room.
  • Log into your VRBO/Homeaway extranet and delete the BookingAutomation URL.