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This page is about the integration with VRScheduler

VRScheduler offers staff scheduling software.

To use this integration you need to have an account with VRScheduler.


To use the connection you need to allow API access which will allow VRScheduler to import your properties and bookings from BookingAutomation.

Step 1. Allow API access

  • Go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) ACCOUNT > ACCOUNT ACCESS.
  • Enter enter a Breezeway-generated 32 character API key into the API Key field.
  • Set 'API Key Access' = 'allow any ip'.
  • Leave 'IP Whitelist' blank
  • Set 'Allow Writes' = No
  • Set Property Access = 'Owned by this account only'
  • SAVE.

Step 2. Set your property keys

  • Go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) PROPERTIES > ACCESS.
  • Add a 'propKey' your propKey should be at least 16 characters or longer and unique (you can not use the same key more than once.
  • SAVE
  • Repeat for each property you want to connect.

How it works:

VRScheduler will import your bookings every 30 minutes. You can choose a status value to associate with a VRScheduler Task Rule so that anytime a task generated by that rule is complete, the unit status in BookingAutomation is updated to the associated status value.

If you allow owners to enter bookings in VRScheduler you can import these via iCal import (SETTINGS > CHANNEL MANAGER > ICAL IMPORT).

For further details please contact VRScheduler support.