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This page is about the integration with Vikey'

1. In BookingAutomation

To use the connection you need to allow API access and generate API keys. Keys should be unique and a minimum of 16 characters in length.

  • Go to SETTINGS -> ACCOUNT -> ACCOUNT ACCESS, enter the API key you want to use allow any IP and SAVE.
  • Go to SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES -> ACCESS and enter create a "propKey" and SAVE.
  • Enter any combination of letters and numbers (minimum of 16) as your API key.
  • Set 'API Key Access' = 'allow any ip' or 'allow whitelist ip only'.
  • Set 'Property Access'.
  • SAVE.

2. In Vikey

  • Go to MyVikey and click on "Integrations".
  • Scroll down to BookingAutomation and click on "Add".
  • For each apartment/listing enter PropKey and ApiKey.
  • To set the check-in request click on "Edit". You can pre-set some parameters such as: Send email, Request payment of the stay and tourist tax, Send documents, Sign the contract, Request billing information.

For further details please contact Vikey support.