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Synchronising with VisitScotland



  • can show your availability at and allow direct bookings on your own booking page

For details please click here


Visit Scotland require a tracking script and newsletter link on your booking page, see below for instructions to install these.


1) Enable the Channel manager >> Visit Scotland >> Inventory check boxes for the rooms you want to sell at Visit Scotland.

2) Visit Scotland require you to track booking confirmations by saving the following script at the menu SETTINGS ->BOOKING PAGE ->DEVELOPERS. Insert "Confirmation Page Insert in HTML <HEAD>"

 <script type="text/javascript">var utag_data = { pms_site : "BookingAutomation", vs_id : "[REFERRER2]", price : "[PRICENC]", currency: "GBP", product_name : "[PROPERTYNAME]", product_id : "[PROPERTYID]", arrival_date : "[FIRSTNIGHTYYYY-MM-DD]", nights : "[NUMNIGHT]", adults : "[NUMADULT]", children : "[NUMCHILD]", infants : "0", booking_type : "Bed & Breakfast"}</script><script type="text/javascript">    (function(a,b,c,d){    a='//';    b=document;c='script';d=b.createElement(c);d.src=a;d.type='text/java'+c;d.async=true;    a=b.getElementsByTagName(c)[0];a.parentNode.insertBefore(d,a);    })();</script>

3) Visit Scotland require that you include the following link to their newsletter on your booking confirmation page, save it at menu SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES -> CONFIRMATION MESSAGES

 <p align="JUSTIFY" class="western"><font face="Calibri, serif">We’d like to help you discover more about Scotland - to find great offers, ideas and further information sign up to VisitScotland’s e-newsletter today by clicking the following link: </font><a href=""><font face="Calibri, serif"></font></a></p>

Visit Scotland

Your id number is your BookingAutomation property Id number.

Log on to the VisitScotland Extranet [1] and follow VisitScotlands "Web Booking Integration with your VisitScotland Listing" instructions.

If you do not have a VisitScotland Extranet username and password you should contact the Tourism Services Team: [email protected]