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This page is about the menu SETTINGS->YIELD OPTIMISER

The yield optimiser automatically adjusts prices based on availability and time before check-in. Prices can be adjusted up or down. Multiple rules can be created and will work together. Each rule can be assigned to one or more rooms. A rule will only adjust the price when it's trigger condition is met and if the room multiplier is not manually over-ridden.


Set the start and end dates when the rule is valid and the percentage value of your normal price to charge when the rule is triggered.

Examples: The regular price per night is €100. 40% will lower the price to €40. 150% will raise the price to €150. 100% will leave the price unchanged.

The percentage to which a price is changed by the yield optimizer will show in the CALENDAR with a blue background. These automatic values can be manually over-ridden. Manual overrides will have a white background. In the CALENDAR you can also set individual dates or days of the week to "manual" to override the rules.

Yield.png view large

The maximum value is 250%.

Note: The yield optimizer will not override manual multipliers.


Set the condition when the prices should be changed. Rules will trigger on a per date basis so they will only trigger on dates which meet the trigger condition.

A rule can be applied to bookings with arrival up to 30 days in advance. It can be restricted to a shorter period.

A rule can be set to apply when a certain number of rooms is available on the night.

  • If multiple rooms are selected the availability in these rooms will be added up. This sum is then the trigger which will apply the rule.
  • If no rooms are ticked the rule will automatically use the availability in the room or rooms selected in the "Apply to" tab. In this case the availability of each individual room is used to trigger the rule on that room.

Apply to

The rule will be applied to the ticked rooms.

Multiple rules can apply at the same time and the percentage changes will be multiplied together. i.e. two rules, 120% and 150% triggering will adjust the price by 180%.

Note: We recommend you check carefully that your rules work as expected.