Apartment and Self Catering Set up

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Holiday and vacation rental set up
This page explains how to set up apartments, cabins, holiday housed or other self catering units

Properties can be Hotels, B&B´s, apartment houses, camp sites, etc. the system can handle multiple properties of different types.

A property can have only one or very many different rooms.

Rooms can, but do not need to, represent physical rooms; they are a way of splitting your property into separately bookable units.

These units or "Rooms" could be guest bedrooms, hostel dormitories, individual beds in backpackers, camp sites, houseboats, holiday homes, individual hotel suites, cabins, tours, classes or cars etc.

If you renting your property as a whole you still need to define one room which in your case represents your complete property.

Multiple Properties or Rooms

Hotels, B&B´s and inns are usually set up as one property with a number of rooms. If you have several independent lodgings e.g. apartments or villas you can still set them up as rooms if it suits your marketing strategy. Each room (which can also be an apartment, house etc) can have its own pricing and booking rules.

Making different properties means each can have it's own property booking page (if required with individual design). You can also use an agency booking page with advanced search functions (e.g. facilities, location) showing all properties.

If you're renting your property as a whole, you still need to define one "Room" which in your case represents your complete property.

If you are using the channel manager we advise to set the booking system up as similar as your booking channels. If your lodgings have different hotel codes for booking.com etc. then they must be setup as different properties in the system.

Display Name

To change the display name from "room" to apartment, cabin... Go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) PROPERTIES->ROOMS->SETUP and enter the name in the "Display Name" setting.

Extra Charges

Optional or obligatory charges like cleaning fees can be set up in {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) BOOKING ENGINE->UPSELL ITEMS