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This page explains how to install Google Analytics on your Booking Page to track bookings

To install Google Analytics go to SETTINGS -> BOOKING ENGINE -> DEVELOPER -> "Advanced HTML Settings" and enter your Google Analytics Tracking Script in the field "Insert In HTML HEAD". This will be installed in the head section of the booking page.

Your booking page will now appear in your Google Analytics Report.

Page Tracking

The URL of each stage of the booking process contains a parameter page= which contains a code to identify which stage the booking page is at.

Conversion Tracking

When a booking completes, the booker is shown a confirmation page. It is possible to include scripts directly in the screen confirmation messages at SETTINGS -> BOOKING ENGINE -> BOOKING PAGE -> DEVELOPER -> "Advanced HTML Settings" -> "Confirmation Page Insert in HTML HEAD". This will be installed in the head section of the booking confirmation page. Template variables can be used in this script to include information about the booking which has just been made.

It is also possible to set a Booking Return URL to your own site. Guests will be sent to this page rather than the confirmation page after booking allowing you to create a custom confirmation landing page. Information about the booking will be added to the URL for your extraction and use. This setting can be found at SETTINGS -> BOOKING ENGINE -> BOOKING PAGE -> BEHAVIOUR. If you use this function, you will need to place any conversion tracking scripts on your landing page.

Tracking Pixel

Tracking image pixels need to be included in the <body> part of the page so they are visible. The easiest way to do this is usually to include the image pixel as an image <IMG> tag in your on screen booking confirmation message (SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->CONFIRMATION MESSAGES).

The booking page is on the domain so you may need to enable multiple domain settings in analytics.