Booking Rules

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Booking Rules
This page is about the menu {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS)  > PROPERTIES > BOOKING RULES

Use the context help {{#far:question-circle}} for information on each setting.

{{#fas:lightbulb}} You can apply additional rules in the CALENDER in Offers and prices.


If you think the wrong booking rule is applied check your settings for:
Setting for "Booking Type" set in the "Summary" tab of your rates
If you have set different RULES for Normal Bookings and Near Booking - Deposit Collection :
SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->BOOKING RULES "Normal Booking" - Deposit Collection 1 - auto collection with deposit collection
SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->BOOKING RULES "Near Term Booking" - Deposit Collection 2 - auto collection with deposit collection
Also ensure you have SETTINGS->PROPERTIES->BOOKING RULES -> DAILY PRICING STRATEGY-> BOOKING TYPE = DEFAULT (set by property booking rules)