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This page is about the menu SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE

To set up or change your booking page go in the to menu to SETTINGS -> BOOKING PAGE in the left menu.

Your booking page can be fully customised.

Use the selector to define if the link should open your booking page displaying all properties (in case you have more than one), a property or a room.

There are 2 booking page version available:

Responsive booking page


  • Layout1.png
  • Layout2.png
  • Layout3.png
  • Layout4.png
  • Layout5.png
  • Layout6.png

Here you can find information on how to customise the responsive booking page

Adaptive booking page



Here you can find information on how to customise the adaptive booking page

Add booking Widget to your web site

Go to SETTINGS->BOOKING PAGE->BOOKING WIDGETS to generate the code for your booking widgets.

Note: Iframes on mobile devices are problematic. If you use the booking page in an Iframe we recommend you set up a special mobile page for the page where you have embedded the Iframe which opens the booking page in a new page instead of an Iframe.