Extras: Sell Extras like Activities or Car Rental

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This page explains how to offer extras

Offer extra services with the accommodation booking

Add ons

Examples are half board, bicycle hire, a sightseeing trip, parking etc which are booked together with the accommodation.

Go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) BOOKING ENGINE -> UPSELL ITEMS. Select the property you want to set. If you have multiple properties each property can have its own rules so set up individually.

Select whether the item is optional or obligatory. Obligatory items will be automatically added to the booking and cannot be removed by the guest. An example would be an end of stay cleaning charge or a tax. Optional items can be selected by the guest with their booking.

In RATES optional Upsell items can be enabled/disabled for individual rates. When a booking is made only those optional Upsell items enabled for any rate involved in the booking will be offered to the guest.

If a combination of Daily Prices and Rates is offered then all Upsell items will be offered.

Compulsory Upsell items are always enabled and cannot be disabled by a rate.


If you package extras with accommodation you can show them as additional offers. An example is showing different meals options to the guest can choose for example between accommodation only and accommodation with half board. For more information on how to activate additional offers click here.

Offer extras which are not related directly to the accommodation booking

Examples are activities like tours, events, courses or car rental.

Go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) PROPERTIES and click on ADD NEW PROPERTY. Click on EDIT and you will get to PROPERTIES -> DESCRIPTION. Enter the name (e.g. Daytrip, Car...) and the currency you accept. Set the "Type of Booking" to "Activity".


  • enter the name (e.g. Day Trip, Car...)
  • set the "Quantity" to the number places or items you have
  • set Unit Allocation to "One per Guest".
  • set Collect Number of Guests to No
  • set Maximum Guest to the same number as Quantity of this type
  • if you are setting up an event, class, tour etc. which is not booked by the day set Maximum Stay to Single Day Activity so the departure date is not collected and the wording of the booking form is changed to represent booking an event or day activity rather than an accommodation
  • Enter in "Accommodation Type" what the guest books e.g. "Ticket", "Car"...

Go to {{#fas:cog}} (SETTINGS) GUEST MANAGEMENT -> CONFIRMATION MESSAGES and customise your messages. We suggest at least delete everything from the default that refers to accommodation. For example:


  • add a rate and set a "Single Price" and an "Extra Person" price.